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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Lofton (Counselor) in Counsellor’s office - Cadet Tom Little check in

Posted by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) in Counsellor’s office - Cadet Tom Little check in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Lofton (Counselor) in Counsellor’s office - Cadet Tom Little check in
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After physical evaluation, Tom headed to Counsellor’s office. He remembered his recruiter told him to not worry about this one. This psycho test could be a simulated situation to see the cadet’s reaction, such as whom to save when you have only one choice. He knew he could not perform well under pressure, even though he had a civilian contractor back ground. But today was the day he must improvise, adapt, overcome, and anticipate for whatever was on his way, just like he has been told from an old breed, a long time ago.

As the doors opened, the first thing one would notice would be blue - a lot of blue. The room was carpeted in light blue, on which sat a slightly darker blue L-shaped sectional sofa, against a darker blue wall. A painting above the couch gave a splash of color - on it a man in a black tuxedo danced on a wet beach with a barefoot woman in a red evening gown, a maid and butler nearby holding umbrellas. A red vase - matching the color of the dress in the painting - sat on an end table, filled with white daisies.

To the right was a small desk tucked into a corner, next to a food replicator. The lone occupant of the room looked up as the doors opened.

“Cadet Tom Little reporting as ordered.”

Cadet Little

The woman at the desk smiled brightly as she stood, coming around the desk. Her dark hair was piled into a bun atop her head, held in place by a single wooden skewer, and it lightly bobbled as she crossed the room, arm extended. “Hello, Tom!” she greeted him, still smiling. “I’m Lieutenant Commander Lofton, but in here please call me Vanessa.” She tugged down her blue-shouldered uniform top slightly. “Please, have a seat. This is a very informal session.” She held one hand out toward the sofa, then jerked a thumb over her shoulder. “Would you like anything to drink?”

OOC: Hi Tom! My apologies for the delay in responding, as I’ve been on an LOA. The counselor thread is a chance for us to explore your character a little. Areas we might explore are his backstory, his motivations, his desires, dreams for the future, that sort of thing. It’s mostly going to be a series of questions, things to consider from your character’s perspective. I can’t wait to write with you and learn more about Cadet Tom!

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS / Nathan

(OOC: Hey Nathan! No worries I saw you LOA. It’s nice to have you back! I’m ready for the “interrogation.” ;)

“Yes…Nice to see you, Vanessa.” Tom put his bag down, took the seat, and said “Can I have a lemonade please?” This was his first time visiting the counselor’s office. Even though he had a couple of classroom lessons with other counselors about maintaining things other than physical fitness, he always felt these folks inspirational. Apparently, the placement of the compartments was designed to make the visitors feeling like a home. Her hospitality made him felt like in a cafe ordering drinks. Compared to the previous encounter with the science office, this was eye-opening to him.

Am I in the presidential suite? Well, I got to behave anyway.He giggled inwardly.

Cadet Little

She nodded then turned and approached the replicator. “One hot chocolate and one lemonade with ice,” she ordered, then returned carrying both drinks once the machine’s whine of matter recreation had ended, handing Tom his glass.

“So, tell me a little about Tom,” she began, tucking her feet behind her on the sofa as she took a sip. “What do you like to do in your off time?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Oh, I do PT mostly.” Tom took the glass, “It’s easy to get overweight in the science job. I had to catch up on things I couldn’t do on duty.” In the Fleet, cadets were told to have a plan even on off duty. And programs of the programs have been offered. So regardless of their marital status, tons of things to do on the list.

“I also write. I’m planning to publish an autobiography after retirement. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot to say within the regulations.”

Cadet Little

Vanessa nodded. Her job, being very sedentary as well, meant she had quite the exercise regime as well to keep up with Starfleet standards. She smiled brightly at the mention of writing. “Oh, very nice! Have you published anything yet? Or any plans to publish before you retire?” she added with a laugh.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Nah, not yet.” Tom shook his head with a smile, “Just everyday log., I’m still in search of the core message. I’m targeting those who’ve lost their life goals once. Not necessary to be the way-out guidance or you-must-join-us cliches, but just the path I took.” He then took a sip and said, “I read a lot, including some of the fleet’s required reading list. They’re eye-opening and quite a nourishment mentally. I wish to left something to the universe that could last long for centuries.”

Cadet Little

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