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Posted July 26, 2021, 11:19 p.m. by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) (Tom L)

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“Oh, I do PT mostly.” Tom took the glass, “It’s easy to get overweight in the science job. I had to catch up on things I couldn’t do on duty.” In the Fleet, cadets were told to have a plan even on off duty. And programs of the programs have been offered. So regardless of their marital status, tons of things to do on the list.

“I also write. I’m planning to publish an autobiography after retirement. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot to say within the regulations.”

Cadet Little

Vanessa nodded. Her job, being very sedentary as well, meant she had quite the exercise regime as well to keep up with Starfleet standards. She smiled brightly at the mention of writing. “Oh, very nice! Have you published anything yet? Or any plans to publish before you retire?” she added with a laugh.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Nah, not yet.” Tom shook his head with a smile, “Just everyday log., I’m still in search of the core message. I’m targeting those who’ve lost their life goals once. Not necessary to be the way-out guidance or you-must-join-us cliches, but just the path I took.” He then took a sip and said, “I read a lot, including some of the fleet’s required reading list. They’re eye-opening and quite a nourishment mentally. I wish to left something to the universe that could last long for centuries.”

Cadet Little

“Impressive goal,” she answered, pursing her lips. “Here’s to lasting words.” She lifted her mug and sipped the chocolate again.

“Is that the role you find yourself taking in groups? Sort of a mentor or leader position?” Starfleet was a group in action, and how people fit was important for everyone to know.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

I’m hit! Tom, I need your help!

It’s not your fault cadet, she made her choice on her own.

After a moment of flashback. Tom took a sip and said, “No, not at all.” he shook his head again and smiled, “Maybe it wasn’t wise to talk about the retirement plan on the first day of office, but…” He realized her potential intent, put his glass on the table, sat straight, and said, “This cadet was instructed to maintain total fitness on a daily basis, support and assist the Department Head on making recommendations to the Commanding Officer whenever needed.” He added with a smile, “Writing happens after I transitioned back to civilian.”

“When I was in the field training, I was assigned as a cadet lieutenant. Our mission was to rescue two pilots from a crash site. Me and the other three cadets were assigned as an away team. To cut the story short, that mission failed. Two pilots were ‘killed’ and our medic was ‘stunned’ very badly. We’re ambushed. We couldn’t beam back from the crash site by the electronic interference from the ‘enemy’. We had to constantly switch roles from medic to security until the secondary beam-up area. After the training, the medical cadet quit the academy. No one had a right to blame her. And I felt very bad.” He took his glass from the table and sipped. “I wouldn’t say I am actively looking for a leadership position, but if the situation left me with no choice, I’d step up without a question.” In fact, the academy was constantly preparing cadets for challenging roles and sometimes change plans from the original. Not because this was fun for instructors to watch, but because it happened in real.

Cadet Little

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