Engineering Compartment: DH – Cadet Kathering Hobbes Reporting

Posted July 27, 2021, 8:48 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) (Griffin Day)

Posted by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) in Engineering Compartment: DH – Cadet Kathering Hobbes Reporting

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) in Engineering Compartment: DH – Cadet Kathering Hobbes Reporting

Posted by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) in Engineering Compartment: DH – Cadet Kathering Hobbes Reporting
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It was instantly clear who was in charge from the moment Katie entered USS Challenger’s Engineering spaces. She stood, silently watching him… a Betazoid unless she was mistaken… checking read-outs on the main control panel and issuing commands to others. He seemed busy. Perhaps this was a bad time to report in.

He turned toward her. He knew she was there. Definitely Betazoid, she thought.

“Assuming that you are the Chief Engineer… I am Cadet Katherine Hobbes. Reporting for duty,” Katie said holding out the PADD that displayed her orders.

Cadet Katherine Hobbes (Engineering)

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Dael was making a few minor adjustments to the deflector array when he felt a new mental wave of thoughts came through on the deck. He ignored it for a moment, turning to NC Dawson as she walked by.
“Dawson, I want you to monitor the array while the new adjustments take place. Make sure the phase variance on these modifications stays within 0.5, otherwise we’re all going to have a big headache when the field shorts and we hit some space debris. The Captain doesn’t like holes in her ship. More importantly, I don’t like holes in my ship.”
The NC nodded and took his place at the console while he turned to face the new jumble of thought waves of his constant mental ocean.
“Ah, Cadet....Hobbes, I think it was? I was told I should be expecting a new face.” Dael extended his hand. He wasn’t a huge fan initially of the human custom as a telepath but it’d grown on him since he’d made an effort to be more sociable with his crewmates. Being in charge of a team required sacrifices after all. “Dael Stadi, Chief Engineer onboard the Challenger. I hope you had a pleasant trip from the Academy?”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

OOC: A faux pas right off the bat. Oh well.


“The trip out was fine, ” Katie said as she took his hand and shook it. She decided to not mention the incident with the sanitary waste treating system on the transport just now. And as soon as she had the thought she regretted thinking about it in the presence of a Betazoid. She flashed a slight smile. “I haven’t been on a ship of this class before. It may take me some time to adjust to the differences between this and the academy simulators.”

She released his hand thoroughly convinced that she had made a complete fool of herself.

Cadet Katherine Hobbes

OOC: No worries, it’s what we’re here for :)

Dael grinned at the cadet. He had caught some of her embarrassment on his mental wavelengths but he attributed that to being new onboard. It was easy to remember how he had felt the first time he set foot on the deck of a real starship. And his mind was too occupied with the tasks he had on his plate to really delve any deeper than that. Speaking of…
“There’s always an adjustment period when it comes from life at the Academy to on a starship. But I’ll make sure you get familiar with our systems, in fact later today once your done with your check-ins make sure to check your personal terminal. Now that you’re going to be working with us, you should have access to all our ship schematics. Once we’re done here I’ll put in the clearance request and you can get up to speed.”

He motioned to her to follow him as he made his way across the Engineering deck. It had been a less hectic day than usual, but he always found something to work on. He recalled some human saying about ‘idle hands’… Maybe it was Rodier who had said it once to him. He shook the thought away as unimportant. There was work to be done.

“I’ve got a tune up I wanted to take a look at, if you were game to have this be a more informal meeting.” he said grabbing at a nearby toolkit. He didn’t mind the more typical ‘sit at a desk’ meet-and-greet, but he found it easier to talk when his mind was focused on another problem. Took more pressure off the conversation, at least to him. “While I’m at it, I also always ask new members of my team what got them interested in Engineering and the Academy in general. Personal hobby turned career? Dreams of warp cores and EPS conduits?”

-Lt.jg Dael Stadi, Chief Engineer


She managed to suppress the laugh. For reasons she might never be able to understand, the idea of dreaming about warp cores reminded her of a surgeon she had known on Mars who admitted to dreaming about gall bladders. She shuddered at the memory of the woman she had always considered a ghoul.

“Formal interviews have never been my strong suit. Lay on, Macduff,” Katie said holding out her right hand to the side. She talked as she walked along side him. “The Academy has been something of a family affair for us. My older brother and sister both joined Starfleet and went to the academy and I was fine with the assumption that I would go as well. I was always interested in how things worked but was never any good at Terran biology much less Xenobiology so Medicine was out of the picture. Security was never a possibility. I don’t have the physique for it or the interest in shooting things. Being a line officer might have been a possibility but thanks in part to Nicholas, that didn’t seem to be a very promising path. Ergo, Engineering.”

“Perfect.” Dael said to her response on interviews, though the phrase on Macduff confused him. He almost repeated his name for her in case she was confused, before his brain connected the reference to a human literature elective he had once taken at the Academy. Shiek-spear, if he remembered right, but realized quickly he needed to be listening to her answer his question rather than try to remember that.

Katie reminded herself to shut up, especially when it came to a certain male sibling. How many times had they asked her if she was related to the infamous Nicholas Hobbes? How many times had she simply shrugged in response? Shake the thought from your mind, Katherine. He’s Betazoid. If he wanted to, he could hear everything.

“So what are we going to be looking at and/or for?”

Cadet Katherine Hobbes

“Nicholas? The brother you mentioned, I assume. Was he a line officer so you didn’t want to compete, and so chose Engineering as a place to end up?” He had picked up some anxiety from the cadet when mentioning the name, though he was still not sure he got the right reference from earlier. Maybe it was from the other human writer… Mare Twane… Focus, Dael!. He made a point to give the cadet more of his attention than the puzzle that would surely bother him till he found a computer terminal after his shift. “I hope that despite it not being your first choice you still have a healthy interest in the field. It’s tough to run a team if the team doesn’t want to be there. What kind of special skills unique to you do you think you bring to the field and the crew? I always say that the strength of a good pit crew can be how different they are. You never know what one person might know and contribute.” He figured whatever hang up she might’ve had about her choice was resolved by now, potentially. You didn’t get this far and onto an Academy ship in a field you were just ‘trying out.’

“As for what we’re looking at, I’ve got a few EPS conduits down this way that aren’t getting the kinda’ve flow we should be seeing.” Dael walked over to the left side of where the warp core hummed it’s eternal tune throughout the Engineering Deck. He removed an access panel on the side of the hull to reveal the lights and colors of EPS conduit, manifolds, isolinear chips and other small devices that helped keep the much larger Challenger running.
“Here, maybe you want to take a crack at it?” he said holding the toolkit her way.

Lt. jg Dael Stadi, Chief Engineer

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