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The transporter lock was successful and the colonists in the forcefield were transported to sickbay.

GM Madness


On the science console an alert message popped up indicating that an increase in tetryon particles was detected.

GM Madness
=^= Cadet Williams to Bridge. We have managed to identify the creature who attacked the colonist. There is a high chance that those creatures are Borg. I’ll send the bio scan results along with the image analysis. Williams’ out=^=

After a moment, one of the science consoles’ screens starts blinking, receiving data from the cadet’s tricorder.
(GM retranscription :) The image referenced against the known species database returned a low possibility of an assimilated human Borg. A genome comparison returned a higher chance of the creatures being human but the genetic drift pointed to a high amount of mutation

Cadet Aaron Williams

“Captain, well I have good news and bad news. Bad news, we are seeing an increase in tetryon particles in the cargo bay. Good news though, it’s highly doubtful that we are actually dealing with Borg. From the tricorder scans I’ve received up here so far, we are looking at some highly mutated humans. It will take some time to see how much the mutation has affected their higher brain functions.”

Lt Barr - CSO

OOC: Sorry a correction. The tetryon particles are being detected in space nearby not in the cargo bay.

GM Madness

OOC: I’m going to retcon some of the info here to incorporate that.


It felt as though Emmy’s shoulders dropped several inches from a position near her ears as she watched the colonists shimmer out of existence and then heard the acknowledgement of the successful transport to Sickbay where the Challenger’s medical staff would be able to safely treat them. That was step one. Now, they needed to get the last colonist safely transported, to neutralize the threat from the organism to the Challenger, and to determine whether there was any other threats to the ship.

“An increase in tetryon particles?” she repeated back to the CSO, although her tone made it clear that it was rhetorical. They had no reason to remain in the area now that the colonists had been transported on board. “Set a course for the nearest starbase,” she instructed the cadet managing the helm before turning to the CSO. “Do you see any reason why we should remain in the area, Lieutenant? Forward the scan results to Starfleet Command.” While it would be interesting to investigate those results, Emmy had an obligation to keep the crew safe and that meant getting out of the area as soon as the mission was accomplished.

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