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Posted July 27, 2021, 12:59 p.m. by Captain Emmeline Davis (Commanding Officer) (Sarah M)

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“Cadet, I have been notified by Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Command that you are hereby graduated from Starfleet Academy. Due to your exemplary performance, you are hereby promoted to the acting rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and you have been appointed as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Challenger. Congratulations!”

She extended her hand to the newly promoted officer. The small velvet box inside of it was opened to show the gleaming new pips.

  • Davis, CO

“Congratulations Lieutenant!” Dael clapped after setting down his drink. The time cadets spent onboard always felt too short for him, right as he got a team of engineers working the way he liked they got shipped to the fleet. But this, this was one of the definite perks of being among the senior staff on an Academy ship. Despite his usual nature of staying away from gatherings in favor of some repairs, he did hate seeing them go and not just because he had to train a new round of cadets after. Watching the cadets flourish and go off to succeed in the fleet was a definite plus. Not to mention seeing them excel to become senior staff on the Challenger themselves. They had all earned their pips and he had to admit he was happy to be there to see it.

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE
“Congrats, Miya! You deserve it!”, said Aaron, clapping in his hand. Looking at the pips given by the Captain, Aaron felt quite impressed about it. Directly promoted to Lieutenant Junior, he thought. And at the head of the CMO !

The young doctor looked around the ship, thinking of the time he spends aboard the ship. It was quite a pleasant experience. I hope I could get back here after graduation. He could remember his arrival aboard the Challenger, the Tribble incident, the hot tubes graduation…

But it doesn’t end here, he thought with a smile, looking at the crew present in the Lounge.

Cadet Aaron Williams

Having allowed sufficient time for the graduating cadet to receive her congratulations from her peers, Emmy moved to the next cadet on the list.

“Cadet Aaron Williams, please come forward,” she instructed.

  • Davis, CO

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