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If truth be told, when NE Stephens had been told he would be manning sickbay for a little while he felt a little out of his depth. But after a short period when it became obvious to him sickbay was calm and he really only had to stand around and sign off on things, he started to feel calm.

Just as he was relaxing however the colonists from the cargo bay were beamed in. “Jeezo! Umm ok, uhh…” he went to pieces there and then. He looked around hopeful that someone else would also have appeared to take charge.

NE Stephens
A few moments later, the hatch opened, reaveling a cadet who seems to have run. “I’m taking them in charge !”, said Aaron, trying to take his breath.

Taking his tricorder, he enters Sickbay and approached the colonist. They don’t seem to be in immediate danger now, he thought. Might check them just to be sure.

“Excuse me”, said the Cadet to the colonists, “I know you had a rough day, but I have to check any of your injuries, so please stay calm. You’re out of trouble now”. He then comes closer to the group and started analyzing the colonists and evaluating their physical condition.

Cadet Aaron Williams

All of the colonists were naturally still spooked after the sudden change in locations. They shied away from the well meaning doctor in a bit of a fluster.

GM Madness

Seeing the colonist stepping back at him, Aaron couldn’t help, but feel sorry for them. It seems the transition was a bit rough to them, he thought. Plus the recent event have affected them both physically and mentally.

Since he couldn’t approach the colonist, Aaron gives them some time to understand the situation. In the meanwhile, he checked them in the distance to see if there is any major trauma. The good news is that they all stand on their feet. I don’t think they are in critical condition.

After a moment, Aaron tried to speak to them again: “Please, could you listen for a moment? I think I’ve understood a bit what happened down there, and I know that it can be hard for all of you. But be sure that nothing or no one will harm you aboard this ship, and that the… ‘things’ that attacked you have been taken down by the Security team.” Well, I hope they did.
“But I hope you understand that I Have to keep you at Sickbay until the situation will be fully under control, and until I’m sure that no one will be in danger due to complications.”
“So be free to… I don’t know, wander in Sickbay, using the bed, the replicator… But I can’t let you leave Sickbay right now. If you feel a bit dizzy, or have any questions, you can be sure that we’ll be here, me and all the medical staff.”

Leaving the colonist for a moment, he told the rest of the staff to watch out for them. The doctor then goes into an unoccupied office, closed the door to prevent anyone to hear him, and pressed his combadge :
=^= Cadet Williams to Lieutenant O’Connell. The transported colonist are at Sickbay. The major problem is that I couldn’t examine them properly due to their stress, but they don’t seem to be in immediate danger. The other problem is that since we don’t know what those creatures are, I’m recommending putting those colonists in provisional quarantine and analyzing their blood to detect any suspicious virus, bacteria, or mutation development. Waiting for your approval.=^=

Cadet Aaron Williams

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