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“So tell me, what are you looking forward to the most here on the Challenger?”

Lt Barr - CSO

“I look forward to learning the ship.” Tom continued. “I read the manual about the Challenger and screened other ships before got here. It seems to me that most federation’s ships are in the same structure. This would be a great opportunity before hitting the next assignment.”

He took a bite and a sip after saying those words. Replicated huh? These could be the best tacos and tomato juice I’ve had so far!

“May I ask you, Ma’am, why science officer?” He swallowed the food and asked. He tried not to be rude, but he couldn’t recall many female scientists in his memory. This occupation had generationally excluded women and honestly, it’s still a tough job for them. Not only they’re biologically different, but living in the space was pushing them even harder.

Cadet Little

“Well, I wanted to see the stars,” Alison looking out the window with a smile. “Had a science teacher who encouraged me, and earned myself a scholarship to study biology, and ended up specializing in exobiology. And it’s not just about the stars, it’s about always asking questions, and the desire to try and find an answer.

“So, you look forward to just learning about the ship? Nothing in particular about the experience? There is more to serving in Star Fleet then just the ships you know.”

Lt Barr - CSO

“Of course, seeking new ideas.” Tom paused for few seconds and said, “Maybe I didn’t say it correctly, but I see more than just ships. They are life forms.” He continued, “She has electricity and wires like blood pipes and vessels, air conditioning system like lungs and nose, energy to matter and vice versa like food digestion,” he pointed his plate, “and computers plus a bridge function like a brain.”

He then took a sip and asked, “By the way, I keep calling you Ma’am from the beginning, was that alright? I almost forgot the tradition of the Fleet, that there’s no Ma’am but her majestic ship.”

Cadet Little

Alison shrugged as she took another bite. “To be honest, I’m flexible. But if push comes to shove, while I understand the tradition, I usually stick to ranks myself.

“From the way you talk, I’m surprised you ended up in my science lab, and not down in engineering,” she ended with a pointed look at the Cadet.

Lt Barr - CSO

“Good eye.” Tom playfully raised his right hand, formed a punch, and said, “let’s see, why-little-tom-ended-up-on-her-mighty-squad?” He thumbed up fingers on an order, “number one, the HR made a mistake. Number two, the academy was trying to create a scientist slash engineer. Three…” He looked at Alison’s left ear and said, “because of you.”

He couldn’t look directly at her eyes, not because he shied away, but that’s how he had trained from the past years, that was to never look at the ranking seniors without earning the right to do so unless he wanted to give them twenty-five.

Cadet Little

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