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“Kill level!” Henry ordered at a near-shout. Setting his own weapon to power level 11, he shot twice, once each at each of the approaching creature’s legs. The four security officers beside him all brought their weapons up to level 10, shooting to kill, each firing multiple times in the direction of the four other creatures. Meanwhile, Rodier moved slightly to the side, edging toward the forcefield protecting the colonists. Though he did not turn to see, one more security cadet was approaching the Cargo Bay entrance behind him.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

=^= Barr to Cargo Bay. We are going to emergency transport any separated colonists to Sickbay. Standby for transport. =^=

Lt Barr - CSO (cross post)

=^= Understood. Sickbay are standing by. Some of the ground team here will return there now. Two of us will stay here to assist with any survivors or crew injuries.=^=

Ari looked at both Williams and Ven as she spoke. “One of you return to sickbay and coordinate the colonists. Triage protocol and full bio scans till we know what we are dealing with.” She said.

Meanwhile chaos seemed to be happing in the cargo bay.

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The two shots at the legs of the creature charging at Rodier had a much better effect. The creature collapsed to the ground as its legs were damaged. The rest of the security team had similar results as the rest were disabled and writhed on the ground. This situation only lasted for a few seconds however before each of the injured creatures began to glow red. Their body mass seemed to decrease by a noticeable amount before the red glow disappeared and they climbed back to their feet. With a roar of sheer ferocity the creatures charged once again.

“Well that’s different… and not at all unsettling” Dael muttered with a bit of sarcasm, watching the security team try to deal with the intruding creatures. He noticed the cadet with a tricorder out and asked “Pick up anything interesting on that thing when they got back up?”
Looking at Dael, Aaron replied: “Well, it might seem a bit strange, but those creatures have a DNA that is close to a human one. And furthermore, the database identifies them judging by their appearance as Borg.”

While all of that was going on the colonists in the forcefield disappeared with a hum of the transporters. Unfortunately the last survivor outside of the forcefield did not get transported. With the target of its rage gone, the creature that was clawing at the forcefield turned away and noticed the last survivor. It growled menacingly as it began to stalk toward the feeble prey.

GM Madness

With a satisfied grin he watched the colonists behind the forcefield get surrounded in the familiar blue of the transporter. He had been manning the forcefields down here, and he was glad to have someone as capable as Lt. Barr working on the transporter issue. But the smile quickly faded as he noticed a straggler hadn’t been swept up in the rescuing transport. His mind focused and he turned back to his console. It looked like the interference these creatures was giving off excluded that one from the transport. And the colonist was close where a forcefield to separate was unlikely. Damn. He tried to put a few input commands in place to put up a forcefield, but it may rely on the security team to get to the straggler in time.

He tried to see if the interference was anything the systems or data interface had encountered before. Anything could help him put something into a frame of reference to counter it. Multiphasic shielding, bio dampeners, something maybe he could use to remodulate the transporters or ship systems to break through.

Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

The computer didn’t have enough information to correlate the interference to any known phenomena. Nor was there time to do a full analysis. Either way the interference prevented Stadi from erecting a forcefield around the last colonist because the biosign tracking was fuzzy and not providing concise enough coordinates.

Ari’s expression remained grim as she waited, her training keeping her in a relative safe position of cover. Her eyes locked on the survivor and she began checking the fastest safest way to get to her. Turning to see who had stayed she pointed out the survivor.

Lt O’Connell

In the time that the creatures were incapacitated, Rodier moved closer to the injured colonist, signaling the rest of the security team, now 5-strong, to skirt the side of the room and follow him. As soon as the beasts got back up, the team opened fire yet again, multiple shots going out to each attacker. Henry himself fired a volley at the creature stalking the colonist, putting out a few additional blasts regardless of if the beast went down, all aimed above the waist.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

All of the creatures went down again including the one away from the group. The extra shots all rang true as each creature took extra damage to their bodies. However the red glow was once again present as they all regenerated. Any additional blasts during the regeneration process were ineffective as it seemed to nullify the phaser beams. Once the glow wore off each creature got up again though they were significantly smaller and shorter. It was as if they were cannibalizing their own body mass to make rapid healing happen. The decrease in body mass led to a more lean and optimized muscle structure as the creatures ran quicker with a zigzag pattern to their steps.

GM Madness
Looking at the fight, and trying not to get in the path of phasers, Aaron approached Lieutenant O’Connell and raised his voice a bit: “Lieutenant, with your permission, I’ll head toward Sickbay to help to treat the colonist.”

Ari looked for the voice and nodded at Williams to show her consent to this.

“By the way, I’ve proceeded to analyze those creatures “, he said, showing her the tricorder he was holding. “Apparently, it would seem they have a DNA related to human, and based on their appearance, they might be Borgs one. And The fact that they have human gene might confirm their nature as Borg.”

Cadet Aaron Williams

Looking at it she frowned then glanced back to the survivor. “Send this information the bridge immediately Cadet, let them know you’ll be sending some bio scan results.”

Lt O’Connell
Aaron nodded his head: “Understood, Lieutenant.” He then turns around and began to walk toward the turbolift.

While he was walking, the cadet pressed his combadge and said: =^= Cadet Williams to Bridge. We have managed to identify the creature who attacked the colonist. There is a high chance that those creatures are Borg. I’ll send the bio scan results along with the image analysis. Williams’ out=^=

While entering the Turbolift, the doctor managed to send the data to the bridge. Closing his tricorder, he said: “Computer, head to Sickbay, Deck 4”
The doors closed, and the turbolift starts to go up.

Cadet Aaron Williams

Now a few strides away from the surviving colonist, as well as from the forcefield, Henry had a choice. None of the options were good - the plan he had come into the room with had disintegrated the moment he noticed the interference the creatures must be causing. But he was Starfleet, and so were the men and women around him.

The COS and his team kept moving, albeit at a much faster clip. By the time their pursuers got back to their feet, Henry was mere feet from the colonist. Shots rang out from the team’s phasers almost non-stop, though they were now shooting at targets moving in multiple dimensions. As they did this, though Rodier was too busy paying attention to, well, staying alive to notice, another cadet had reached the Cargo Bay door.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

Jordy ran to the chief of securtiy and took cover near them, he started shooting. ‘I think you need some help!’ Jordy said to the chief of security.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

The creatures were becoming a lot harder to hit now as phasers shots missed more often than hit. Not only were they dodging but were also taking advantage of the built habitation structures for cover. One of the security officers got surprised when a hand gripped their leg and pulled them rapidly out of sight. A scream was abruptly cut off with a sickening crunch.

Close to Rodier, he could see the weak and battered colonist feebly look in his direction with sheer terror and tears in her eyes. She tried to say something to him but only the movement of her mouth belied the attempt.

GM Madness
=^= Cadet Williams to Lieutenant O’Connell. The transported colonist are at Sickbay. The major problem is that I couldn’t examine them properly due to their stress, but they don’t seem to be in immediate danger. The other problem is that since we don’t know what those creatures are, I’m recommending putting those colonists in provisional quarantine and analyzing their blood to detect any suspicious virus, bacteria, or mutation development. Waiting for your approval.=^=

Cadet Aaron Williams

The Chief muttered an expletive, then, without turning, said “Cadet Kleine, fantastic timing. Cover me, and tell Stadi to cycle that forcefield.” He gestured for the rest of the team to follow, and began dragging the colonist toward the forcefield.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - Terrified COS

‘Yes sir.’ Jordy said and he started covering the chief. =^=Cadet Kleine to Lieutunant Stadi the chief of security said to me that you need to cycle the forcefield.=^=

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