Ready Room - CNS's Co's Check-in

Posted July 31, 2021, 9:20 p.m. by Captain Emmeline Davis (Commanding Officer) (Sarah M)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Ready Room - CNS’s Co’s Check-in
Excited about his transfer Asher didn’t waste any time getting his post-arrival check-ins done. He had not long been given his accommodation and shown his office when he found himself heading towards the Ships Captain, Emmeline Davis’ ready room. It would also be a good opportunity for him to put out the feelers for some crew activities and to see just how much room he had a counsellor on board.

Arriving at her ready room and deliberating there was no time to waste he pressed the small portion of the doors control panel which triggered the chime and waited to be granted entry.

  • Lt Cmdr Asher Miller, CNS

“Enter!” came a crisp reply from inside the room. As the door slid open, Emmy’s gaze drifted up to see who was on the other side. Her sharp green eyes never met Miller’s, but instead seemed to quickly scan him from head to toe in assessment, but making no comment or revealing no reaction to hint at her assessment. Well, that was not precisely true. The teal trimmed uniform and rank pips gave her instant information on who this person was and what they were doing inside her office. She stood behind a very fastidiously clean work surface with little personal effects upon it. She was not overly tall, but her build was athletic. Her blonde hair was cropped to her chin, but it was neatly tucked behind her ears as she studied her new crew member.

“Welcome to the USS Challenger, Commander Miller. Please take a seat.”

  • Davis, CO

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