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Posted Sept. 13, 2021, 9:34 a.m. by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) (S. Kimmel)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Counselor’s Office - Cadet Katherine Hobbes Checkin

Posted by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) in Counselor’s Office - Cadet Katherine Hobbes Checkin

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Counselor’s Office - Cadet Katherine Hobbes Checkin
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“A minor matter but it is one brother and one sister,” Katie said. The issue of questioned loyalties had come up before especially given the nature of the trouble Nicholas had gotten himself into. “My sister, Jasmine… you’ll sometimes hear me refer to her as Jazz… was a big influence in me joining Starfleet. Commander of a starship and all that. It just always seemed like the natural path to follow and with nothing and no one left on Mars to tie me down. Space and astronomy has always fascinated me but Science never felt like the right field. On the other hand, I did really well in all my Engineering courses and when Professor Wiggins suggested I give serious thought to pursuing a career in Engineering… that did feel right. The nuts and bolts. The Durasteel and Nonobtanium and Plasma. The hands on aspect of it. At times it almost felt more like leisure time than work.”

Katie took a deep breath.

“I’m babbling on, aren’t I?”

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineering

Asher looked up from his note taking, “There is no such thing as babbling Cadet especially when you’re here with me its when people babble do I really get to know how the persons mind works so relax and babble away.” He chuckled, “Its refreshing to see someone with such enthusiasm like yourself for your job it will really go a long way to getting those long double shifts out the way. Enjoying your job is half the battle.”

“I’m going to ask you a serious of questions and I’d like you to answer them in as fewer words as possible with whatever comes to mind, is that ok?”

  • CNS Asher Miller.

OOC: How is this going to work? If you post a question to Katie and I take a couple days to respond, this could a lot of days to get through the interview.


Katie took a deep breath. “Oh joy,” she thought. “Serious questions. My favorite.” She smiled as best she could.

“That’s what I’m here for… I guess… So let’s do it,” Katie said.

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineering

OOC: I shall present all the questions in one post.

“Brilliant” Asher said, he wondered what she may be thinking about the questions. Honestly they were a simple technique to let counsellors see what state of mind people were in and though seemingly silly at times it often was a useful tool. Asher had used this method multiple times in the past with great success in gaining an understanding of the people who were under his care.

“Lets start with something easy, you’re at a beach whats the first thing you see?” He asked smiling.

“Sand,” Katie said. She thought for a moment about telling him that there were no beaches on Mars but decided against it.

“Brilliant, not so difficult. The next few will simply be a word and like before a single word answer or a short sentence to whatever comes to mind.” This time Asher readied a PaDD to note down the answers. He’d then use this to refer to the ‘counsellors’ bible much like people did with dream diaries to see where her mind would take him.

“Fruit… “


“Pet… “

“What’s a pet?”

“House… “


“Family… “

Katie paused for a moment as literally nothing came to mind. Parents gone. Nicholas missing or dead. Jasmine undoubtedly lightyears away. Katie forced a smile and said “Scattered.”

“Starfleet… “


“Emotion… “


“Challenger… “

“Opponent. Oh wait. That’s the name of the ship. Ship,” Katie said.

“History… “

“Repeats itself.”

“Duty… “

“Do your…”

“Engineer… “


“Relationship… “

“A good idea.”

“Counsellor… “


“Problem… “


“Dislike… “

“The jerk back on the starbase.”




“Also a good idea.”

  • LtCmdr Asher Miller, CNS

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineering

Asher noted her answer with most being what he considered acceptable responses. Her response for family was certainly expected, and would be a word he used for his own family he was happy that her attachment or detachment was normal in her case at-least. The only two that may provoke further questioning was some of the last. “Good, pretty easy huh?” He put the PaDD down. “You mentioned someone of the starbase, was there some kind of incident?”

  • LtCmdr Asher Miller

“I was temporarily assigned to Starbase Whatever while waiting for Challenger to arrive. My immediate supervisor was… how do I put this? … was the most aggressively friendly Lieutenant I’ve ever met. He ultimately gave me the task of clearing an obstruction in the sanitary waste treatment system. I was submerged in concentrated raw sewage for what seemed like hours before I finally found the child’s stuffed animal that was clogging the system,” Katie said. “I know. I know. It was a dirty job that someone had to do. Still, I could never figure out how a toy that large got through the toilet in the first place. And, to be perfectly honest, I’ve wondered if he didn’t put it there on purpose.”

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineer

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