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Posted by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) in Sickbay - Cadet Tom Little medical check in

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Miya had been tapping away at her PADD, inputting the different conditions while her brain buzzed with potential solutions and treatments. “Shaking … shockwaves .... humidity ...... I think I’ve got that all down.” She glanced up, smiling. “You’re right to keep up the PT; exercise will definitely help you cope with some of these symptoms. While I understand your reluctance to rely on medications in the long term, there is a role for them to help you in certain situations, such as overcoming lack of sleep. And you might want to make time in your schedule for regular visits to the ship’s counsellor - talking therapies can be very effective, though you have to be prepared to put in the work.”

She tapped in a final note, frowning slightly as she considered what to do next. “I think it might be helpful if you came back to sickbay in a few days and we can run some more detailed scans. There may be something we can do to turn your ‘new norms’ into old symptoms, you know? I’ll show these results to our Chief Medical Officer and see if she can recommend some treatments for you. And here’s some more good news to finish,” Miya grinned down at him, “our quarters here have excellent environmental controls, so you should be able to dial down the humidity if it becomes a problem. But you should probably avoid the XO’s hot tub while you’re on board!”

[Cadet Ven Miya, doctor]

“I see,” Tom mentally nodded, “in that case, may I ask you to join me?” He gave a wink toward her cheek. Hot tab was quite a luxury during his time in the Middle East region. Even though nowadays everything replicated, the Federations had focused too much on the outer space things. But that did give opportunities to civilian sectors. He and fellow contractors could afford only two canteens of water for shower per day, as the locals were using sands and the sunbathing. That’s one of the things the company was trying to improve. All they needed to do was to put crystal bottles outside and wait for bubbles to come out.

Cadet Little

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“Join me!” Miya was taken aback at first, then she spotted his wink. She wagged a finger at him, just like her parents used to do when she was cheeky. “Didn’t I just tell you to avoid the hot tub?” She was smiling as she spoke, though her cheeks were flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and sudden, unexpected excitement.

Clearing her throat, she returned to the task in hand. “That’s the check-in scans complete. I’ll send an appointment to your PADD so you can come in for more detailed scans in a few days and I’ll ask Lieutenant O’Connell to talk with you then about any other treatments she’d recommend. You can get up now, Tom - that’s the medical part of your onboarding finished!” Miya hesitated, weighing the possibilities, before adding, quietly, “I’ll be going for my meal break soon, if you’d like to … join me in the mess hall? I can show you how to get there.”

She was sensible enough to know that a cadet couldn’t - or, more properly, shouldn’t - get to know an officer better, even if she did like Lt Rodier … a lot. But a cadet helping a fellow cadet settle in to life aboard the Challenger? That shouldn’t be a problem, assuming he was happy with the idea, of course.

[Cadet Ven Miya, doctor]

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Tom got up and said, “Um…I was saying that if you could join me the next check-up so I wouldn’t have to explain everything to a stranger again.” He playfully added a smile and whispered, “But I’d love to join you.” Fortunately, he didn’t have much during the lunch break with the CSO. Although he had an appointment with the counselor, he’d say he had an extended diagnosis with a kindful doctor if questioned. Medical was popular among the career choices, and in fact, it’s his second. Even though the cadets were instructed to avoid relationships, there’s no reason for this flower to stay uncared. He would try not to get into her too much, as most cadets would be re-assigned after graduation. But still, he was going to enjoy the little things whenever he could, because he never knew when would be the last moment, especially in this line of work.

Besides, he wanted to overcome the miserable experience with the previous medical cadet who was with him.

“Well, after you Miya.” He smiled with a hand gesture.

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Cadet Little

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“I’ll ask Lieutenant O’Connell, but I’m sure she’ll be all right with me attending your next appointment so you have some continuity of care.” Miya grinned, somewhat flattered at being asked to be there. “I’ll explain your situation to her beforehand, anyway, so you’ll be in the best of hands. She’s an excellent CMO!” she added, hoping to reassure him.

Quickly she uploaded the results to the computer, then sent Cadet Little’s medical report to the CMO’s PADD for her perusal. She’d update Lt O’Connell in person later - for now, it was her lunch break and she had a fellow cadet to show around the Challenger, too. “I’ll take my lunch now,” she called to one of her fellow cadets, who waved a hand in acceptance and added a broad wink as she noticed that Miya was going to be accompanied. The Bajoran stuck out her tongue in response - carefully hiding her face from Tom - then turned back to him.

“Why, thank you!” she replied, smiling at his gesture as she walked towards the sickbay doors. “If you want, I can give you a quick tour of the Challenger after we’ve eaten - but if you’d prefer to find your own way around, that’s absolutely fine.”

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[Cadet Ven Miya, doctor]

Yeah, but am I in good hands? Wait…Why, thank you? Tom assumed that there were two possibilities: Either the doctor shied away, or this was a ‘Bajoric’ response. Hmm, maybe I still have a chance.

“Well, that’ll be a plus.” He appreciated with a grin. Although he knew he had LCARS to guide him twenty-four-seven, he preferred to boldly go to explore with a crew where he’s never been before. Starting from her.

Cadet Little

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