Side Sim - Meeting with the CSO

Posted Sept. 15, 2021, 12:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) in Side Sim - Meeting with the CSO

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Meeting with the CSO

Posted by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) in Side Sim - Meeting with the CSO
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Trying to take his ease in his new office, Aaron was taking a look at the scientific staff list. He noticed in the recent entries that one of the cadets called aboard the ship has been received by Lieutenant Barr, former CSO, right before his departure. I should talk to him, he thought. It would be better if he knows about the changes that happened in his department.

Touching his com-badge, Aaron says: =^= Lieutenant Williams to Cadet Little. Could you come to CSO’s office, please? =^=

Lieutenant JG. Aaron Williams, CSO

=^= This is Cadet Little. Copy that and on my way. =^=

It’s been days after a sudden change of command of this training ship. Tom was making log entries about the previous mission. He missed the chance to say fair winds to the CSO. But as long as he was on this continuous journey, he might have another opportunity somewhere else. Regardless of who’s in charge, only two things mattered: Did they know their jobs? Did they care about me? Other things had no bearings. Whether was age, colour, or gender.

It’s also been a while for him since the last visit to the office. Already three months huh, let’s see what’s our new boss is up to. After the turbo stopped, he walked straight to the CSO’s office, stood behind the door, and shouted, “Good afternoon sir. Cadet Little reporting.”

Cadet Little (Scientist)
Hearing the Cadet, Aaron opened the door and faced Tom. He smiles at him and replied: “Good afternoon. Please, come in !”

The Lieutenant walks back toward his desk. “Have a seat”, he said, offering a chair to Little. “Would you like something to drink ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams

What a…The aroma from this room suggested the choice. Tom knew that staff crews (except cadets) were allowed to decorate their rooms, so entering somebody’s room for the first time was quite an amusement. This was a thoughtful idea to make crews feel comfortable during the long-distance mission. But decorated by smells was unexpected.

“Thank you, sir. Cappuccino, please.” Usually, he was satisfied with the first cup of the morning, but exceptions could be made. After all, a day without a cafe was like a day without oxygen, especially for the science folks.

Cadet Little (Scientist)

Aaron nodded. “An excellent choice”, he said. “I don’t which cappuccino recipe is referenced in the replicator’s database, but it’s the best I’ve ever tasted.”

While talking, he approached the replicator and ordered: “Coffee, Cappuccino, Hot, Two”. The drinks appeared in a ray of light and began to spread a sweet scent of hot milk and grounded coffee. Taking a quick sip in one of the cups, the aroma began to flood in his mouth. Perfect, he thought with a big smile. Walking back to his desk, he put the other cup on his desk, in front of Little, and sat in his chair.

“So”, he began. “I guess you know that I didn’t call you here to talk about the wonders of coffee.” He made a quick pause to take another sip. “I wanted to talk about the changes that occur those days. And I know that you have been received by Lieutenant Barr, the former CSO, which is why I wanted to see you.”

Aaron smiled at him and says: “But before, I’d like to talk about you a bit. How are you feeling aboard the ship ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams, CSO

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