Personal Sim - Arboretum on Deck 5

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After he stepped out of the turbo-lift, Aaron walks a bit and entered the arboretum. The transparent doors open, and let him discover what he could guess from behind those doors. And right after he came in, he immediately stopped, looking around, a big smile appearing on his face.

It was like discovering a new planet. The floor was made of dirt and grass from the various planets of the galaxy. Around him were raising trees of all kinds, or what would look like trees whatever those plants were. The light in the room was simulating the light of a sunset, his rays brightening on the vegetation. A little breeze came out of nowhere, which surprised him a lot since they were aboard a spaceship. Every element of a real planet was present to put at ease the plants, with even a few watering holes present around the place.

He walked a bit, following a path on the ground, and looked at the various species of plants around him. He regrets not having brought any tricorder or PaDD to identify those. It could have really helped me with my studies, he thought.

Lieutenant J.G Aaron Williams, CSO

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The arboretum was one of Miya’s favourite spots aboard the Challenger. The sights, the smells, the plants - in all their multi-hued glory - never failed to make her smile. Among them was a splendid example of a Feloran bromeliad, similar to the ones which had grown in the gardens of the monastery where she had been born and spent most of her life. She only had to see the bromeliad and run her fingers over its smooth leaves to be transported back to Bajor, feeling the balm of daily devotions and the joy of a simple life lived in service to others.

That evening, though, as she hurried into the arboretum, her thoughts were scattered and her connection to the Prophets disrupted. Miya stopped just inside, letting the doors close behind her. “Aaron? Aaron, are you there?” she called quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone else who might be seeking peace.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, newly appointed CMO and trying to come to terms with it all!]
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Hearing his name, Aaron took a few steps back and saw Miya, standing in front of the arboretum’s doors. He approached her with a smile: “Hey, how is it going ?”

Relief flooded through her as Aaron approached. “How’s it going? Well ....” she flung out one hand in a despairing gesture, then let it fall to her side as her voice trailed off, her shoulders slumped and she sighed.

Looking at her, he noticed that she might be worried about something, as he thought. Tilting his head a bit, he asked: “Is everything fine ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams

Miya gave a hollow chuckle. “Fine?” She took a few steps forward. “D’you mind if we walk while we talk? I’d rather get away from the doors. I … well, I’d prefer it if people didn’t overhear this.” Despite her intention to talk in private, she couldn’t contain her words; they overflowed like spilled springwine. “I - I can’t believe it - I’ve graduated, we’ve graduated and that’s wonderful … but I never thought I’d be made CMO! Never … I thought I’d be posted somewhere as an Ensign, but Chief Medical Officer - kosst, Aaron, it’s much too soon!” As she spoke, one hand rose to touch the lieutenant’s pips on her collar, as if checking it hadn’t been a dream.

“What if … what if I mess up? Make a mistake and something goes wrong?” She blinked back tears. “I just … I don’t feel ready for this, Aaron!”

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO - eek!]

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