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Asher noted her answer with most being what he considered acceptable responses. Her response for family was certainly expected, and would be a word he used for his own family he was happy that her attachment or detachment was normal in her case at-least. The only two that may provoke further questioning was some of the last. “Good, pretty easy huh?” He put the PaDD down. “You mentioned someone of the starbase, was there some kind of incident?”

  • LtCmdr Asher Miller

“I was temporarily assigned to Starbase Whatever while waiting for Challenger to arrive. My immediate supervisor was… how do I put this? … was the most aggressively friendly Lieutenant I’ve ever met. He ultimately gave me the task of clearing an obstruction in the sanitary waste treatment system. I was submerged in concentrated raw sewage for what seemed like hours before I finally found the child’s stuffed animal that was clogging the system,” Katie said. “I know. I know. It was a dirty job that someone had to do. Still, I could never figure out how a toy that large got through the toilet in the first place. And, to be perfectly honest, I’ve wondered if he didn’t put it there on purpose.”

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineer

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  • Sarah, CO

“If my experience tells me anything I doubt they would have spent the same amount of time you did clearing it blocking it up.” He chuckled, “Well I don’t think there is anything amiss here, and you’re most certainly not going to self destruct but on the of chance you do decide you want to blow of steam let me know my door is always open” He smiled and finally stood. “You’re going to make a good officer Cadet.”

  • LtCmdr Asher Miller, CNS

“I’ll do my best not to explode,” Katie said. She smiled with the left corner of her mouth. She stood as well. “I’ll just be off now. I still need to check-in with medical.”

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=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineering

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