Sickbay - Cadet Katherine Hobbes Check in

Posted Sept. 16, 2021, 10:08 p.m. by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) (S. Kimmel)

The doorway to Challenger’s sickbay slid open as Katie stepped toward it. She nodded as she noted that the compartment was not overly busy. There was what Katie assumed was a nurse tending to a shirtless Bolian man… at least Katie thought he was Bolian. He was blue and bald. She made a mental note that she should review the non-alien species represented in Starfleet and on Challenger in particular.

“May I help you?” Katie turned and saw a short, dark-haired human nurse.

“I’m a new cadet on Challenger,” Katie said.

“Ah. And you are here for your check-in. Your PADD, please,” the nurse said. She smiled and indicated a chair that was conveniently out of the way. Katie handed it to her. “Everything seems to be in order. If you’ll sit there, I’ll let the doctor know that you are waiting. It shouldn’t be too long.”

“Thank you,” Katie said. She nodded and sat in the designated chair.

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineer

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