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NE Angie Davis stumbled, or sprinted, clambered? Moved quickly but not in a coordinated fashion, into engineering. There was rage in her eyes, and her uniform was unkempt, stained with sweat. Without saying a word she picked up a spanner off the table and walked over to NE Mills. Without warning she delivered a mighty swing right at his temple knocking the man out cold.

She slowly turned around, spinning the wrench in her hand, “Who stole my tech documents?! You have until the count of ten or I collect heads just like this…” Before she could finish Mills stumbled back to his feet and linebacker tackled Davis causing her to go flying, smashing into M’Pak. The Vulcan was unfazed but tapped his comm badge passively as the other two NEs reenacted The Sweet’s 1974 classic, “Ballroom Blitz.” =/\= Main engineering to Security. We are experiencing a disturbance=/\=.

GM Wombat

Chief Rodier sighed, tapping his commbadge as he stood up. =^= Security to Engineering, officers are on their way. =^= He started to walk out the door, then paused to glance at the day’s shift schedule. =^= Rodier to Kleine and NC Mercury, respond to Main Engineering, Code 3A. =^= Code 3A represented an unknown disturbance where personal phasers should be equipped. Henry himself arrived at the turbolift a few moments later, instructed it to go to Deck 5, and hoped the two Cadets stationed there weren’t in for too much trouble.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

=^= Im on my way.=^= Jordy went to Engineering luckiky he is already at the same deck as engineering. When he arived he went to set his phaser to stun and waited for the rest.=^= Kleine to Rodier i arrived at main engineering.=^= He is a bit nervous he thinks what if i make a mistake but then he thinks no im gonna do fine i think.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

NC Mercury arrived not long after Kleine, also carrying a phaser. =^= Don’t wait for me, Kleine. Go in, be careful. =^=

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

=^= Understood i am going in.=^= Jordy helt his phaser in his hand and enterd the room. He is nervous of what he will find in there.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

A sharp pain hit Dael for some reason on his way out of the Jefferies’ Tube. He had just completed a rather tough repair and was looking forward to a nice warm cup of Jestral tea when the wave had hit him. He couldn’t describe it, though it felt like the onset of a migraine, which he desperately hoped wasn’t the case. Opening the Tube’s access hatch to Engineering, he tossed out his toolbox and as he clambered out he heard the commotion on the deck. Turning towards it, he understood the cause of the painful wave that had hit his telepathic senses, and immediately wished the ODN repair had taken up more of his time. That headache was nothing compared to whatever this was going to bring.
“What in the Rings of Betazed are you two doing on my Engineering deck? Stand down this instant!” he bellowed at the two combatants.

Noticing the turbolift doors opening out of the corner of his eye, he turned and noticed the security cadet with phaser in hand. “Cadet,” he said addressing the newcomer, “if you wouldn’t mind breaking this up before I have to…” Dael turned back towards the brawling cadets, his voice rising again, “…because if I do, you all will have wished you had never set foot on my ship!” He was typically a much more reserved individual, but this… this was unacceptable. This wasn’t some Klingon barge or a Human wrestling floor, this was his Engineering deck, his tools that were being used beyond their intended purpose, and his team trying to breach each other’s skulls in. Oh no, the reserved Betazoid was gone and the focus he relied on to solve repairs was now razor focused on ending this.

Turning from the drama unfolding before him, Dael caught the sight of what looked like Cadet Hobbes on the Engineering deck. He nodded his head her way and said “Cadet, set up some restraining fields from the more delicate areas of the ship, like the nearby warp core.” he raised his voice and enunciated the last directed at the combatants. “Hopefully that will prevent this day from getting any worse, especially if that security cadet needs to use that phaser.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, Chief Engineer

‘Break it up!’ Jordy yelled he pulled them away from each other. ‘Why were you two figthing.’ He said very angry.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

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