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Posted Sept. 19, 2021, 4:37 p.m. by Cadet Javal (Doctor) (Stephen O’Dette)

Cadet Javal passed briskly through the doors leading into the Challenger’s Sickbay. He paused briefly to adjust his medical cadet’s uniform, which had become appreciably tousled by his quick jaunt through many a corridor on his way to meet with the head of department, Dr. Ven Miya. Next on his itinerary was to check the chronometer.

“Five minutes ahead of schedule. Optimal,” he muttered to himself with a brief nod. He took an extra thirty seconds to take a quick glance around the room, his eyes settling here and there on the objects most relevant to him.

Five biobeds, about three surgical. The LCARS look to be in line with the Academy models. These Discovery models are living up to their specifications, Javal thought to himself, raising his pointed Vulcan eyebrow.

As he pondered his new working area, Javal came to the realization that some of the Sickbay crew were starting to look his way, doubtless wondering about the cadet who just stepped in and was now, to their eyes, awkwardly surveying his surroundings. Javal, however, brushed the attention he felt off of him. After all, wasn’t it logical for one to survey their surroundings before commencing operations in unfamiliar territory?

Turning his discerning gaze to the side, he came upon the object of his quest: the CMO’s office.

Taking a few careful steps forward, he made his presence known to the Chief by hitting the intercom.

=^= “Dr. Ven? This is Cadet Javal, reporting for duty as ordered.” =^= He intent was to come across as respectful and professional, but perhaps to a non-Vulcan, it might smack more of matter-of-fact. Only time would tell whether the intricacies of the non-Vulcan’s emotional response would generate an agreeable reply or not.

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