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Posted Sept. 19, 2021, 5:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ven Miya (Chief Medical Officer) (Claire M)

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Cadet Javal passed briskly through the doors leading into the Challenger’s Sickbay. He paused briefly to adjust his medical cadet’s uniform, which had become appreciably tousled by his quick jaunt through many a corridor on his way to meet with the head of department, Dr. Ven Miya. Next on his itinerary was to check the chronometer.

“Five minutes ahead of schedule. Optimal,” he muttered to himself with a brief nod. He took an extra thirty seconds to take a quick glance around the room, his eyes settling here and there on the objects most relevant to him.

Five biobeds, about three surgical. The LCARS look to be in line with the Academy models. These Discovery models are living up to their specifications, Javal thought to himself, raising his pointed Vulcan eyebrow.

As he pondered his new working area, Javal came to the realization that some of the Sickbay crew were starting to look his way, doubtless wondering about the cadet who just stepped in and was now, to their eyes, awkwardly surveying his surroundings. Javal, however, brushed the attention he felt off of him. After all, wasn’t it logical for one to survey their surroundings before commencing operations in unfamiliar territory?

Turning his discerning gaze to the side, he came upon the object of his quest: the CMO’s office.

Taking a few careful steps forward, he made his presence known to the Chief by hitting the intercom.

=^= “Dr. Ven? This is Cadet Javal, reporting for duty as ordered.” =^= He intent was to come across as respectful and professional, but perhaps to a non-Vulcan, it might smack more of matter-of-fact. Only time would tell whether the intricacies of the non-Vulcan’s emotional response would generate an agreeable reply or not.

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(OOC: Welcome to the Medical Department! I’m using OOC to denote ‘out of character’ moments when we can have a chat before going into IC - ‘in character’ - mode. We’ve already had a bit of a chat on Discord, so it’s great to see you posting here and I’m looking forward to interacting with your character!)

At the intercom’s alert, Miya raised her head. She had been taking advantage of a lull in sickbay to steal some private time in her office - ‘My’ office! It still doesn’t seem real, somehow! - so she could catch up with a new medical journal, but she was looking forward to meeting her latest cadet. Every newcomer to sickbay was a chance to learn and improve. And, Prophets, I have a lot of improving to do!

“Come in, Cadet Javal!” she invited, putting her PADD to one side and brushing her sleek hair behind one ear, setting her d’ja pagh earring jangling slightly. She had read his reports from the Academy, of course, but that was nothing compared to meeting someone in person. He sounded as austere as Lieutenant T’Saie had seemed when Miya had first arrived aboard the Challenger, but she had learned a lot from the Vulcan CMO. She hoped she could be as good a role model to Javal as T’Saie had been to her.

Rising from her chair, she smiled in welcome, habits instilled as a Bajoran cleric rising to the fore: Make your visitor feel comfortable - they cannot share their thoughts with you if they are ill at ease. “Please, take a seat, Cadet. Can I get you something to drink? Or maybe a snack?” Miya gestured to the replicator in a corner of her office - surely one of the best parts of being CMO!

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