Side Simm - New XO Arriving

Posted Sept. 20, 2021, 9:50 a.m. by Captain Katelyn Jacobs (Commanding Officer) (Sarah M)

Posted by Commander Aaron Foley (Executive Officer) in Side Simm - New XO Arriving

Posted by Captain Katelyn Jacobs (Commanding Officer) in Side Simm - New XO Arriving

Posted by Commander Aaron Foley (Executive Officer) in Side Simm - New XO Arriving
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“Permission to come aboard?”

“Permission granted Commander,” the transporter chief responded.

Stepping off the transporter pad, Aaron shifted his duffle bag on his shoulder. Here he was back on a ship. After his tour on Starbase Magellan, he had managed to land a research position back at Starfleet HQ, which included teaching a couple of senior level electives at the Academy. He had even managed to land a couple of research assistants. Life was great, he was finally able to get back to the research he had been wanting to do.

But of course the needs of Starfleet came before that. He still wasn’t sure how there wasn’t anyone else available to take this position, but when there was a sudden opening for an Executive Officer on the Challenger, they had thrown him on the first transport. Barely enough time to grab a few personal items. If he didn’t know better, it was like someone in the brass was intent on him getting out of the research lab every now and then.

“Thank you Chief. I assume the Captain is waiting for me?”

“Yes sir. The Captain should be up in her ready room, and your quarters are on Deck 3.”

“Thanks Chief. Carry on,” Aaron said as he headed out of transporter room to drop his bag in his quarters.

Having dropped off his bag, Aaron stepped off the turbolift onto the bridge. Nodding to the bridge officers, he stepped over to the ready room, and rang the chime.

Cmdr. Foley - XO

“Enter!” came a voice from within and the door to the ready room slid open obediently in response to her command. It was incredibly sparsely furnished for the moment, validating that the athletic form currently perched on a chair hanging up an award was a new occupant to the office. Completing her task, she hopped down off the chair and glanced at Foley for a brief millisecond before rounding her desk with her hand outstretched.

“Welcome aboard, Commander,” she beamed at him, her inky black eyes meeting his as she gave him a broad smile. “I’m Commod… Captain Jacobs. I’d say that I’d give you the low down on the ship, but I just arrived here myself.”

  • Jacobs, CO

“It’s nice to meet you Captain,” Aaron said stepping in and taking a look around. There definitely was the air of someone having just arrived. “How long have you been on board? I didn’t expect to find the Challenger having a new Commanding Officer as well.”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

Katelyn laughed heartily. “You would think, but I’ve been on board about a day longer than you have. My understanding is that much of the senior staff is new as well, so we’ll have our work cut out for us.” She gestured to one of the visitor chairs in front of the boring, Starfleet issued desk. She called over her shoulder on her way over to the in-office replicator, “Can I get you something to drink?”

  • Jacobs, CO

“Ah, so you are one of our longer tenured crew members,” Aaron said with a grin. “A glass of ice water please, thank you Captain.”

Pulling out the indicated chair, he took a seat. He had forgotten the fact that the Academy ships tended to have a high turn over of staff with all the different training crews coming through. At least it would keep things interesting.

Cmdr. Foley - XO

Katelyn’s inky black eyes twinkled as she laughed at Foley’s response and then followed it up with a mock look of pure suspicion. “I’m not sure we’ll get along, Commander, if water is your beverage of choice,” she commented as she finished closing the distance to the replicator with strides that were quite lengthy for her height. She collected Foley’s water and then ordered herself a hot, black coffee, carrying both over to her desk and setting the water in front of the XO. Instead of taking a seat behind her desk, she opted to perch against the side of it as she took a slow sip of the coffee, studying her new XO over the top of her mug as she did so.

“So, any questions about this gig?” she asked as she swallowed the warm beverage.

  • Jacobs, CO

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