Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted Sept. 22, 2021, 10:39 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted by Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting
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Cadet Erik Jethro Avant, or just Jethro as he preferred to go by his middle name, stretched his shoulders as he stepped out from the shuttle that just landed. Many new crewmen were transferring on to this ship today. He was one of the last few to come aboard and the shuttle ride had given him such a knot in his neck. Jethro could have easily taken the transporter over, but it was not the same to him. Beaming was efficient and effective, he was a scientist, he knew how the tecknowleddgy worked. That was no the issue. He enjoyed space and enjoyed flying through that endless vacuum. In a shuttle he could watch as he approached the ship, see her in all her beauty. It didn’t matter what ship it was, Jethro never more at home then aboard a starship. And it appeared the Challenger was the top of the line. Jethro gave a small half smile to himself as he looked around the shuttle bay. It was outstanding.

I’m home.

With a slight bend at his waist, Jethro picked up his duffle bag and shouldered it. Leaving the hatchway of the shuttle behind he tugged at his uniform jacket. He fixed the creases out that bundled in during the shuttle ride over. Stopping in the middle of the bay, he looked down at the pressed uniform upon his body.

Eighteen years

Eighteen years it had taken him to get a Starfleet uniform. Now, just one more assignment and it was official. The uniforms had changed since his mother last wore one. Less color, but still the same look, the same presence. Jethro somehow felt taller wearing it. He had dreamed of being apart of Starfleet since he was a boy. How could he not. Being born aboard a ship like the Lovelace and his mother being its First Officer…died in the service of the Federation. Jethro had watched his mother in action and could remember vividly her bed time stories of her daily duties and away missions. He was now a perfect sum of his parents: his father’s field and his mother’s career. It felt like he had a piece of her back.

A Starfleet uniform was more then a piece of material, it was a ticket. A ticket to explore, learn and help where ever he could in the galaxy. Jethro knew this was only a training ship but he couldn’t help but teem with excitement at the people he was going to meet. The wonders of the galaxy he was going to see and study. And of course he couldn’t help but anticipate the possible action they might encounter.

He looked up to the roof of the bay with a proud smile.

Almost there Mom. Now lets see what this ship has in store for me.

Jethro’s focus returned to the present as he headed towards the shuttle bay doors and into the the hallway of the deck.

He took a step off the main through-way and activated his combadge.

Aaron has just finished his shower. The hot water has made him a bit sleepy, and he would have preferred to have a nap, but duty was calling him. Putting his clothes on, his combadge beeped and delivered to him Avant’s message :

=^= Cadet Jethro Avant to Lieutenant Williams. I arrived on board the Challenger. I was wondering if you were free for a Check-in Meeting? =^=

-Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)
Taking his combadge, he put it on the left side of his chest and tapped on it: “Understood Cadet. Meet me at my office.” He then took his PaDD laying in a corner of his bed, stepped out of his room, and walked toward the turbolift, which he took.

Arriving in front of his office, he enters. The cadet wasn’t here yet. Well, I’ll wait for him, he thought. Approaching the room’s replicator, he ordered: ” Coffee, Doppio, Hot.” The drinks appeared with the usual light effect. Aaron takes the coffee and felt the heat of the cup warming up his hand. He moves toward his desk, sat on his chair, and leans back, sipping a bit of his coffee.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

=^= On my way. =^= Jethro Replied to the CSO’s acknowledgement.

Readjusting the duffle bag strap on his shoulder, he headed to the nearest turbo lift and entered it.

“CSO’s Office.” He spoke out load to the lift’s computer and the the lift whirled to life carrying the new cadet to his destination.

The hum of the turbo lift’s mechanics faded off into the distance as Jethro became lost in his thoughts. It had been what?…Eight years since he was last on starship for more then a day or two’s journey. Four years planet-side in San Francisco and four years before that in Okinawa. But, now he was back where be belonged. Jethro’s hand glide along the paneling the of the tubro lift. Smooth and impeccable, the Challenger sure was the top of her line.

Wait till I get my hands on your sensors, girl.

The lift’s stooped, the doors opening the his desired deck.

It wasn’t long before Jethro reached Lieutenant William’s office. Just for a brief minute, he paused outside the office door taking a breath. This was it. This was a start of a new adventure for him. The adventure that he had been waiting for all his life. Taking the time to quickly fixed uniform again and walked through the office doors. The digital chiming of the door rang as he did. When he walked into the room, he saw who must have been the the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams, sitting behind his desk sipping his coffee. In a swift motion, Jethro unshouldered his duffle back and stood at attention.

“Cadet Erik Jethro Avant, Science - reporting for duty aboard the Challenger, Lieutenant.”

Jethro could not keep a small smile off his face when he said those words.

-Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Aaron raised his head. “Well, welcome aboard, Cadet”, he said with a smile. Putting his cup on the desk, he stood up and took his PaDD. The cadet’s file was displayed, and Aaron was reading it before Jethro stepped in, but he didn’t have the time to read it completely.

Trying to put the cadet at ease, he asked: “Would you like something to drink ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

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