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“Ah, nice to meet you Lieutenant. Commander Foley, I’m the new Executive Officer. I figured I’d take the opportunity to stop by and get the formalities taken care of. But as you our the Chief Medical Officer, also get to know you a bit, and see if you need anything from me.”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

“Commander Foley - welcome on board, sir. It’s good to meet you.” Miya gave her usual open, friendly grin - being thrust into the role of CMO hadn’t changed her much, to people’s faces; only she knew the insecurity she tried to hide. “I’d be happy to show you round sickbay and answer any questions you may have, but perhaps we should get the ‘formalities’ over with first, sir?” She indicated a nearby biobed. “This won’t take long, I’m sure.” Indeed, these medical exams usually were a formality; it was only occasionally that something more complex turned up.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

Making his way over to the indicated biobed, Aaron hopped up. “So Lieutenant, how long have you been on the Challenger?”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

(OOC: That’s an excellent question! I can’t give a definitive answer so I’m going to use roughly the amount of time that I’ve been a member of Star-Fleet - please let me know if that’s wrong and I’ll edit my response.)

Miya paused from tapping data into her PADD, slightly taken aback by the question. But then, he was the new XO - it made sense that he’d want to know more about the department heads on his new ship. She tried to squash the mental voice which said she wasn’t really experienced enough to be a department head; it was getting easier to do, but she’d prefer not to have that thought nagging her at inopportune moments - like when she was talking to a Commander!

“Oh … ” she made some quick mental calculations, “almost six months now, sir.” She shook her head slightly, surprised by how long that seemed - and also how short. “I came aboard as a cadet and became chief medical officer when I graduated just a couple of months ago.” Miya gave the commander a quick smile. “I had some excellent CMOs while I was a cadet - I just hope I can be as supportive to my cadets.”

Her gaze flicked to the biobed’s screen as it lit up with the Commander’s medical data, retrieved from the Starfleet database. “Please relax, sir - this shouldn’t take too long. Is there anything you’d like me to add to your records that isn’t in there already?” The onboarding physical wasn’t just to check someone was fit for duty - it was a chance to allow them to contribute to their wellbeing, too.

(OOC again: is there anything in his records that she’s likely to find? Any illnesses, old injuries, lingering issues that might need some medical attention ....?)

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

“Well congratulations then Lieutenant, it is quite an achievement to be invited back to the Challenger to teach the next group of cadets. I’m sure you’ll do great, otherwise they wouldn’t have given you the responsibility.”

Miya flicked a glance at the new XO. “I, ah, tell myself that all the time, sir. It was … um, quite a jump to go from being a cadet one day to the prospective CMO the next. I was lucky I had Lieutenant O’Connell, the previous CMO, to help me transition into the new role.” But Ari had gone now, posted elsewhere, and Miya was still adjusting to being in charge of sick bay. She offered the Commander another quick smile, trying to seem competent and in control, then returned her gaze to the diagnostics. Just act like the CMO you’re meant to be! she thought, remembering Aaron’s words in the arboretum. You can do this, Miya. The Prophets will help you!

Turning around he looked at the biobed screen. “Nope that looks to be everything, I just had my annual physical about a month ago. They did have treat me for when I twisted my knee a couple of months ago, but it hasn’t bothered me in a bit.”

Cmdr Foley - XO

“I did wonder about that - there’s still a slight touch of inflammation there that I can see,” Miya indicated the regions on the scan, seeing as the commander seemed knowledgeable about the biobed diagnostics, “but it’s good to know that it’s not causing you any problems, at least for now. If that changes, though, please come back and we’ll do another scan.” She smiled more broadly, feeling on safer ground. “It wouldn’t take much to sort that out - a quick hypospray and some gentle exercises for the gym would be enough, sir.”

[Lt JG Ven Miya, CMO]

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