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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ven Miya (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Cadet Javal DH meeting

Posted by Cadet Javal (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Javal DH meeting

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ven Miya (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Cadet Javal DH meeting
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“The pursuit of my studies at Starfleet Medical Academy were aligned with my previous research goals. After two years’ worth of lab research into orthopedic therapies for Dominion War veterans, I sought a similar specialty with Starfleet, and I believe that initial interest remained unchanged during my clinical clerkships. Active duty Starfleet officers are at a significantly higher risk of incurring traumatic injury, especially of the orthopedic nature, when compared to the general population. I reasoned that with Starfleet, my past experience in the field would deliver greater efficacy to these higher-risk individuals, while at the same time, I would be placed in a position to serve in the advancement of knowledge and peace as pursuant to Starfleet’s mission.”

Perhaps he was proud of where he found himself after all, even if he would never admit to it?

[Cadet Javal, Doctor]

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Miya nodded, taking in Javal’s explanation, then leaned forwards slightly, her elbows on her desk. “So, following on from my last question, are there are any areas of medicine or surgery where you’re less experienced, but you’d like to learn more about them while you’re aboard Challenger? I can’t guarantee that we’ll get patients with these conditions, of course, but I can assign you to treat them if they do.” She gave the cadet a warm smile.

“Challenger may be the final stage in your journey as a cadet, but it’s only the beginning for your career as a doctor in Starfleet. I want to make sure you have as … as broad an experience here as I did.” Carefully, she censored herself - she’d been going to say “as good an experience as I did”, but the memories of the horror in the cargo bay were still strong.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya]

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Javal leaned back slightly as he listened to Miya’s follow up question. He took notice of the slight pause in her last sentence, and briefly wondered to himself whether she did so unconsciously or intentionally.

“Your question is a well considered one,” he replied in a sort of complimentary way. “As you had mentioned previously, I had indeed been exposed to a number of medical sub-disciplines during my research and at Starfleet Medical, but you would be correct in the assumption that my skillsets in each of these varying areas of concentration are not equally developed. As such, I am equally open to receiving further instruction in other sub-disciplines as best meets the needs of the crew.”

She nodded encouragingly and made a note on her PADD, fingers poised to add more when he was ready to speak again. She found herself thanking the Prophets that she’d been lucky enough to work with Lieutenant T’Saie as her first Departmental Head. Having a Vulcan as DH helped her understand Cadet Javal’s carefully deliberate way of phrasing his words.

He took a moment to ponder the question further before he continued, his eyes darting briefly to the side before returning his gaze to the Lieutenant.

“That said, the area in which I would be most interested in improving is my capability to provide quality primary care. As you are aware, the establishment of a rapport between physician and patient is a crucial component of healthcare, and it is an element that I must carefully appreciate at all times.”

Miya nodded and made another note. When she’d first become a prylar, her spiritual teachers had spoken a great deal about the relationship between a cleric and their flock and she had noticed a similarity with the expectations of doctor and patient once she’d joined Starfleet. The fact that Javal was thinking critically about how his Vulcan heritage could affect his ability to provide this rapport said a lot about the new cadet’s self-awareness.

He made another pause, trying to string together an understandable explanation for someone not in his shoes.

“In my experience, I had encountered a sampling of patients who seemed to display a degree of unease, and in some cases even distress at the fact that Vulcans such as myself do not display an emotional response when it is sometimes expected of the provider. If, perhaps, you may have advice as to mitigate sociocultural…misunderstandings such as these, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Javal made a mental note to hold some of that thought for his meeting with the ship’s counselor. As the matter was as much psychosocial as it was healthcare-related, it would be unreasonable to not seek answers from other qualified individuals as well.

[Cadet Javal, soul-searching Vulcan doctor]

“I do understand what you mean by misunderstandings,” she said, her tone soft, “as I had some similar experiences when I first joined Starfleet Academy. I found it helped to get to know cadets from a wide range of different backgrounds and species, so we could learn from each other - I can do that again, if you like, by scheduling your shifts so you’re working with cadets and Ensigns from different parts of the Federation. Hopefully that will help you build rapport with your colleagues and, through that, with your patients.

“As for advice on avoiding sociocultural misunderstandings,” Miya raised her eyebrows and gave a sheepish grin, “the best person to help you there is the ship’s counsellor, Lieutenant Commander Miller. Fortunately you’ll be meeting him soon as part of your arrival check-ins, so I’d recommend bringing these questions to him. In the meantime, I can tweak the sickbay shift rota - you’ll get a new copy on your PADD by the end of today.” She stopped making notes and smiled. “Is there anything else you’d like to ask? I still have to carry out your medical check-in, of course, but we won’t do that until we’ve finished our conversation here.” She took advantage of the brief break to have another drink of water.

(OOC: I’m glad you feel you’re getting the hang of posting here! It’s great fun RPing with you and getting to know Javal. Please remember to start your check-in with the ship’s counsellor! Once you’ve posted there and we can see you’re happy with running a couple of threads at the same time, we can get you involved in the main sim in Sickbay - I’ve been keeping some cadet slots open for you!)

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

(OOC: Same here! And apologies for biding my time a bit with my counselor’s check-in. I kind of liked the opportunity in this conversation to really flesh out and get a feel for Javal’s personality and motivations. Miya’s the kind of person who makes it easier to do that with, I think! Now I’m in a pretty good place to kind of expand on his personality a bit more with Asher :) )

Javal nodded with agreement when he heard the CMO’s suggestion. “A sound proposal, and one that I shall also be proactive on myself by acquainting myself with a broader portion of the Challenger’s crew. There are many ways to a build rapport and it is my intention to exploit them where I can.”

He paused briefly before saying, “Thank you…for accommodating me. I believe that is all the concerns I have for the present time. Do you wish to proceed with the physical exam now, or is a later time more convenient?”

[Cadet Javal - doctor]

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