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NC Tiq Mruruzh, a Klingon science cadet forced her way through the door at environmental controls and tossed the lone engineering cadet standing watch to the side. Without saying a word the brute forced her way into the system and started dropping the temperature on all decks by 20 degrees.

“So hot,” she muttered, “Must cool down… Too hot.”

GM Wombat

Sitting in her chair on the Bridge, Katelyn was both passively observing the interactions between the bridge staff around her and reading through an intelligence report on the PaDD perched in her left hand. After the fifth time she felt a chill go through her body, she stood and turned to face the stations behind her.

“Ok, is it just me or is it really cold in her?”

  • Jacobs, CO
    Running some scans at his station, Aaron looked at the captain. Thinking of it, he noticed that his fingers were numbed and that his coffee was cold before he could finish it, which never happened in his whole life.
    “Now that you say it, Captain, It is cold indeed”, he replied.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams, CSO

Katelyn couldn’t stop the chill that shivered down her spine. “Check the environmental controls,” she instructed the officer, who she had pieced together was the Chief Science Officer. She was quickly coming up to speed on the senior staff assigned to the Challenger, although it seemed like a perplexing task with the staff constantly changing.

  • Jacobs, CO
    “Aye, sir”. Aaron quickly taped on his console, checking the status of the environmental controls. According to the computer, someone has dropped the temperature by… 20 degrees. That’s not right !, thought the science officer. He double-checked the temperature, but the result was the same.

Aaron said in panic: “Captain ! Someone has dropped the temperature to 20 degrees below its original instruction !”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

Katelyn resisted the urge to roll her eyes, probably because they were partially frozen in their sockets at the temperature. She had dealt with Romulan capture and all sorts of unfortunate events in her career, but this was a new kink. “Lieutenant, reset the environmental controls and then follow up with Security to investigate who made the change.”

  • Jacobs, CO
    “Right away, sir”, he said. Opening the environmental control window on his terminal, Aaron attempted to reset the environmental control from his console.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

And they promptly failed to reset. Shortly there after the not at all helpful computer voice chirped, “Environmental controls damaged. Manual override required.”

It looked like someone was going to have to go down there to turn the thing back on.

GM Wombat

=^=Stadi to Bridge, a large melee has erupted in Engineering. I’m unaware of the cause but it appears the entire shift crew has suddenly decided to turn my engine room into a Klingon battle room. Currently working with security to try and contain the issue.=^=

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE (cross-post)

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