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Posted by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Katherine Hobbes Check in

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The doorway to Challenger’s sickbay slid open as Katie stepped toward it. She nodded as she noted that the compartment was not overly busy. There was what Katie assumed was a nurse tending to a shirtless Bolian man… at least Katie thought he was Bolian. He was blue and bald. She made a mental note that she should review the non-alien species represented in Starfleet and on Challenger in particular.

“May I help you?” Katie turned and saw a short, dark-haired human nurse.

“I’m a new cadet on Challenger,” Katie said.

“Ah. And you are here for your check-in. Your PADD, please,” the nurse said. She smiled and indicated a chair that was conveniently out of the way. Katie handed it to her. “Everything seems to be in order. If you’ll sit there, I’ll let the doctor know that you are waiting. It shouldn’t be too long.”

“Thank you,” Katie said. She nodded and sat in the designated chair.

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineer

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Miya was trying to work out shift schedules for the new rotation when the nurse came to tell her about a cadet requiring an arrival check. The admin, she had quickly found, was one of the most challenging parts of her new role so she was delighted to take a break, almost skipping towards the door of her office though she took care to look suitably grave by the time she arrived in sickbay itself.

It wasn’t hard to find the cadet in question. “Hello! I’m Lieutenant Ven Miya, chief medical officer of the Challenger. And you’re Cadet Katherine Hobbes, here for your medical check-in?” She held out the cadet’s PADD, a mute invitation to her to retrieve it; Miya was holding her own PADD under one arm. “If you could lie down on this biobed, please, I’ll get you sorted out. Just relax - this shouldn’t take too long.” Miya indicated a nearby bed, suitably distanced from the Bolian receiving treatment.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

Katie smiled and took her PADD from the Bajoran woman and set it on the small table next to the biobed. After a slight nod in the general direction of the Bolian, Katie sat on the biobed, rotated her legs and laid down. A second later she frowned.

“Lieutenant Ven Miya… not Doctor Ven Miya,” Katie said. She rolled onto her side to look at the CMO more closely. “Are you a doctor or are you, perhaps, a holographic physician program? Not that it makes much or even any difference. But if you’re a hologram, you’re probably the best one I’ve ever seen.”

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineer

Miya couldn’t help it: she laughed. Nobody had ever asked her that before! Though it was a fitting question from an engineering cadet, she had to admit.

“Well, if I was a hologram, I’d be flattered - but, sadly, no, I’m just a doctor. Technically, I suppose it’s Lieutenant Doctor Ven Miya, but who has time to say all of that? Not me!” She input the cadet’s name into her PADD and sent the information to the biobed so it could scan the young woman and calibrate her medical details, then compare them to her Academy baseline. “Would you mind lying on your back, please? It’ll allow for a more accurate scan.”

Depending on how much information was held about the cadet in Starfleet’s medical records, it could take a short while for the results to come through. Miya glanced from her PADD to the cadet. “So what are you looking forward to most about being aboard the Challenger?”

(OOC: I’ve had a look at Katie’s bio - she’s had an interesting life already, for sure! Are there any major changes likely to have happened between this scan and what’s in her bio? Also, is there anything you’d like Miya to pick up on during this exam - like her injured hand, or her liver damage? Just let me know and I’ll bring it up in character, so we can talk about it!)

[Lieutenant Doctor Ven Miya, non-holographic CMO]

OOC: No major changes, though if you’d like to pick up something from Katie’s task in the sanitary waste treatment plant on the starbase that would be fine. The hand is a minor issue; the small finger can’t her palm. Some appropriate advice about her alcohol consumption would be appropriate… assuming they actually consume ethanol on the ship and not some synthanol. She’s not so far gone as to have serious liver damage but…

“Of course, Doctor,” Katie said. She laid flat on her back with her hands at her side. What did she look forward to the most about this assignment? Though she hadn’t given it a great deal of thought, the answer popped into her head. Two answers actually. “On one level, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a real warp drive. The simulators must be pretty good but the real thing must be better. On another level, I’m looking forward to working with new people; new species. That sort of thing. Like you, for example. You’re the first Bajoran… you are Bajoran aren’t you?… I’ve ever had a conversation with.”

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineer

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Miya listened to the cadet, her head tilted to one side as she took in her excitement about being aboard the Challenger; at the same time, she was scanning the information now scrolling up on the biobed’s screen and comparing it with the benchmark data from Starfleet Academy.

“Yes - I’m Bajoran,” she replied with a smile. “A long way from home, but then, so are a lot of us aboard the Challenger. You’ll have plenty of chances to work with different species here and I’m sure you’ll get your hands on the warp drive too, though I’d recommend speaking to Lieutenant Stadi to get permission first!” She knew the cadet would have checked in with her department head first, so she wouldn’t have to explain his rank, at least.

Some anomalies on the scan made her pause the biobed’s report; she put down her PADD, picked up a medical tricorder and started to move it over the cadet’s abdomen, pausing briefly to read the results. “I know this is going to sound strange, but … have you been in contact with sewage recently, Katherine? Raw sewage, in particular?” Miya’s brow furrowed as she checked the tricorder again, but no, the results were the same. Some unusual coliforms were showing in the cadet’s gut - not in concentrations high enough to cause problems, at least not yet, but Miya was perturbed about how the young woman had contracted the bacteria.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

Katie grimaced and took a deep breath. Of course, she thought. Lousy starbase assignment. Lousy environment suit. Lousy sonic shower. There was nothing to do about it but admit everything.

“Ah. E. Coli. Its the best. I could say ‘I’ve been swimming in raw sewage and I love it” but I don’t so I won’t,” Katie said. She shook her head. “I had to do some maintenance work on the Starbase sanitary waste treatment unit just before I came to Challenger. Apparently my isolation equipment was substandard. I did three rounds in the sonic shower before I disembarked. So, Doctor. I assume this doesn’t mean that life expectancy just dropped from 55 years Martian to 13.”

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineer

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