Side Sim - Holodeck One Training

Posted Sept. 24, 2021, 12:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) (Gavin Burkhardt)

Posted by Cadet Jordy Kleine (Security Officer) in Side Sim - Holodeck One Training

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) in Side Sim - Holodeck One Training

Posted by Cadet Jordy Kleine (Security Officer) in Side Sim - Holodeck One Training
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‘Yes sir’ Jordy started looking for a light source.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

One of the chunks of metal had a still-blinking indicator on it which, upon further inspection, identified it as a still-functional flashlight. The creature grasping the light put up little resistance to it being taken away.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

‘I found a light but a creature is blocking it what should i do’

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

“Take it, they haven’t shown any signs of aggression yet,” Henry replied. “And try to get into that tunnel. I won’t be able to hear you and your commbadge might have connection issues from all the torn-out wiring, so be careful and use your best judgement.”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

Jordy took the light and pointed it to the tunnel.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Securtiy

The tunnel was a few feet wide and tall enough for a stooping man to walk in. It extended out for a few meters, then took a sharp left turn. More tufts of fur could be seen in various places stuck to the floor and walls, some of it strangely reflective.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

Jordy Stooped through the tunnel when he was at the turn he took it. =^= Kleine to Rodier im in the tunnel i took a turn and i see a lot of tuffs of fur some are even stuck on the walls and some of it are some sort of reflective.=^= Jordy went to a tuff of fur what is reflective and inspected it.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

Rounding the turn, the tunnel now extended for well over ten meters, and though the flashlight did not reach its end, a faint shadowy-ness indicated that it might open up into a less enclosed area.

=^= Keep it up, stay sa… kthck =^= the transmission cut out as Jordy came close to the fur, and a strange sort of shimmering field seemed to permeate the air around it. Upon closer inspection, he could now see that it was caught in a partially-exposed electrical line. A bit of a flush entered Jordy’s skin at this point, and he could feel physically warmer.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

=^= Kleine to Rodier i did not understand you can you repeat what you said.=^= ‘Its getting warm in here.’ Jordy went through the tunnel.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

=^= Stay safe. =^= Henry responded.

Going further, Jordy could now see what was once a small room, most likely used for maintenance storage. It was now quite a bit larger from parts of the ceiling and walls being ripped apart, and so covered in bits of fur it resembled a scruffy wall-to-wall carpet. Two cables lay on the floor, their ends chopped off and energy pulsing from them. No fewer than twenty of the furry creatures lay near these cables, with more rooted to the walls.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

Jordy enterd the room when he saw the cables he grabbed his tricordor and used it by the cabels where the engergy pulses come from. He started to sweat. ‘Its hot in here.’ He said.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

The tricorder returned a very strange reading. It seemed to be detecting energy flowing from the cables directly into the creatures at an efficient pace.

As Jordy examined the cables, one of the creatures closest to them started to expand, with a sort of valley or seam forming in its midsection. Within seconds, this seam popped, forming a second ball of fur. The creature seemed to have reproduced, somehow.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

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