Side Sim - Nine Forward

Posted Sept. 25, 2021, 5:13 p.m. by Cadet Jordy Kleine (Security Officer) (Jordy Kleine)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Side Sim - Nine Forward

Posted by Cadet Jordy Kleine (Security Officer) in Side Sim - Nine Forward

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Side Sim - Nine Forward
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Jordy enterd Nine Forward with a PaDD and went to the nearest replicator ‘Coffee’ he said. He grapped his coffee and went to the nearest table and sat down on a seat. He wrote a message to his family while drinking his coffee.

Jordy Kleine - Security

Having done some rounds and handed out a few confectioneries to the crew down on the lower decks, something he found helped ease their mood and often lifted their morale finally found himself entering Nine Forward for a light refreshment. Walking over to a free replicator he pondered what to choose. He didn’t really fancy a cold drink but the idea of caffeine at this time of day made him worry about sleeping later. Finally he settled for a hot chocolate. Turning he looked to see who was about, already he could see a few heads dip and turn away, they knew he liked to sit down and chat and sometimes it made the Cadets and Instructors feel uncomfortable.

Finding his ‘victim’ he walked over to Cadet Kleine, “Good evening cadet, would you mind if I sit with you?”

  • Lt Cmdr Asher Miller, CNS

Jordy looked up from his PaDD and said ‘take a seat.’ He put his PaDD on the table. ‘Did you had a busy day sir?’ He asked.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

“Oh not to busy” Asher said taking a seat, it wasn’t directly next or opposite the cadet more to one side. “You know how it is just catching up with administration and the like. What about you busy day?” Asher asked taking a sip from his drink and seeing who else was utilising the ships communal area.

  • Lt Cmdr Asher Miller, CNS

‘Not realy just the usual stuff.’ Jordy takes a sip from his drink.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

Asher raised his eyebrow, “Oh the usual stuff eh? And what does the ‘usual stuff’ usually entail?” Probing the Cadet for more Asher never ceased being the counsellor even when he was simply enjoying a brew. He found often he would have to ask direct questions to get people to open up, most people didn’t find that naturally.

  • Lt Cmdr Asher Miller, CNS

‘Did some equipmemt evaluations and had a shift at deck 4’. Jordy looked at the counselor and remenberd that he has never spoken to this counselor before. ‘How long are you counselor on the ship already, the last time i spoke to a counselor was when i got just on the ship that was with the previous counselor’.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

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