Side Sim - Javal's CNS Check-In

Posted Sept. 25, 2021, 11:13 p.m. by Cadet Javal (Doctor) (Stephen O’Dette)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Side Sim - Javal’s CNS Check-In

Posted by Cadet Javal (Doctor) in Side Sim - Javal’s CNS Check-In
Javal stepped through the open doors of the turbolift, sliding by two servicemen who seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Judging by their youthful appearance and haste, he figured that they were new to the ship, same as he was. They also made him think of his new superior and the conversation he had with her just moments before. She was young too, younger than even he was. From what tidbits he learned about her during their meeting, aided by a cursory glance through her profile in the Starfleet database before coming aboard, he got a clearer sense of Miya’s position.

A cadet but only a few months before assuming the role of Chief Medical Officer, he thought. A perceived deficiency in experience at that juncture would be palpable. Yet she demonstrated composure regardless of her present circumstances.

There was a lesson in there somewhere, but it had to be one he’d have to think about later as the doors to his turbolift slid open again. He was scheduled to meet with the ship’s counselor, and judging by his last conversation with the CMO, he was sure that it would likely be…stimulating.

Coming upon Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller’s office, he straightened his uniform once again before hitting the intercom.

=^=”Lieutenant Commander Miller? Cadet Javal, present for my psychological examination,” =^= he said in a similarly austere manner to the way he first met Miya.

From the intercom Asher voice pressed through the air, =^=”Its always open”=^= Came the smooth polite voice, something Asher had worked on to ensure within his role he never came across as harsh. When the Cadet would enter he would find Asher sitting on the sofa reading a magazine, he’d been fascinated by than ever since he found one in an antic store back on Earth and often replicated some. This one was about trains, an old Earth mode of transport that at first used fossil fuels until switching to greener and friendlier energies.

  • Lt Cmdr Asher Miller, CNS

When he heard Counselor Miller’s inviting reply, Javal nodded to himself slightly and proceeded into the room in a sort of cautious manner. Inside, he gazed upon the Lieutenant Commander’s office, which was rather richly decorated in comparison to the sleek, utilitarian corridors that he took on the way in. It was on some this decoration that he found Miller himself, lounging upon what seemed to be an antique sofa, possibly of old Earth design. What was even more curious to the Vulcan was the manner of reading material that was currently in the counselor’s possession. It was rare indeed for one to come across non-computerized paraphernalia such as this, and what appeared to be on the cover of the pamphlet was some form of antiquated locomotive vehicle, the design of which he was also not readily familiar with.

“Fascinating,” he said out loud, perhaps unintentionally. “Forgive me my forwardness, sir, but do you happen to be a collector of old Earth antiquities?”

As he said this, his attention wandered a bit around the room, attracted to this and that bauble which caught his eye.

(OOC: Nice to meet you! I’m looking forward to RPing with you! By the way, is there anything else in the room that might catch a curious Vulcan’s attention?)

[Cadet Javal, doctor]

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