Side Simm - Head Check - Checking in with the CNS

Posted Sept. 27, 2021, 1:25 p.m. by Commander Aaron Foley (Executive Officer) (Steve Johnson)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Side Simm - Head Check - Checking in with the CNS

Posted by Commander Aaron Foley (Executive Officer) in Side Simm - Head Check - Checking in with the CNS

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Asher Miller (Counselor) in Side Simm - Head Check - Checking in with the CNS
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Last one, thought Aaron. He didn’t mind counselors, but it was always in the back of his mind that he had other things he could be working on, instead of talking to one. But at the very least, as XO, he could also double this up as checking in with another department head, and making sure that everything was okay.

Stopping outside of their office door, he tapped the chime.

Cmdr. Foley - XO

From inside the room Asher was precariously standing atop his chair in an attempt to attach a large canvas picture to the wall. In typical Counsellor room style it was a collage of motivational speeches from Earths rich history. “Come in!” He shouted his arms wide as he once again attempted to hook the wire on the back to the hook he’d managed to attatch to the wall by the use of magnets.

  • LtCmdr Asher Miller, CNS

Aaron stepped in and took a moment to take in what Asher was doing. “Interesting technique Commander, though I’m not sure that it is health and safety approved. Do you perhaps need a hand?”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

He looked back to see the commander, “Ah Commander!” Asher decided right now perhaps wasn’t the best time to be redecorating, he slowly helped himself down and picked the chair up and moved it to one side before placing the poster to one side. “Sorry, sometimes its easier to just do things yourself than put the request into operation but dont tell them I said that!” He chuckled. “So how can I help you Commander?”

  • LtCmdr Asher Miller, CNS

“Tell them what?” Aaron asked with a chuckle.

“Well I’m the new XO, and besides getting the formalities out of the way, I thought I would check in with all of the department heads. You know, see how you are all doing, and if you would need anything.”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

“Ah well, if I was prepared as the new XO I hope I see you appointment find itself in my inbox” Asher winked, senior officers were always the worst and forever put their own mental health behind that of the job and the crews. “How are you finding it? Looks like my tenure of being the new guy is already over, thankyou for that” He chuckeled.

  • Lt Cmdr Asher Miller, CNS

“To be honest, I haven’t looked to deep into my inbox. A lot of messages from the previous XO are still in there, and well, just a lot of general clutter. So instead of searching for it, why not just get in front of the inevitable message,” he said what a chuckle.

“So far the Challenger is just about what I was expecting. An interesting combination of my previous time as an XO, and teaching back at the Academy. I’m curious to see how things play out as we all settle in. Though I’m going to have to remember about the constant changing in the department heads, that is going to take some getting used to.”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

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