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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Meeting with the CSO

Posted by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) in Side Sim - Meeting with the CSO
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Trying to take his ease in his new office, Aaron was taking a look at the scientific staff list. He noticed in the recent entries that one of the cadets called aboard the ship has been received by Lieutenant Barr, former CSO, right before his departure. I should talk to him, he thought. It would be better if he knows about the changes that happened in his department.


“You’ll be facilitating this flow, sir. That’s my number one expectation. And since you’re a doctor, you know how chemistry works.” He took back the cup and said, “From what I see, Astronomy is just an extended scale of this subject. Take a look at this cappuccino, sir. What do you see?”

Cadet Little (Scientist)
Aaron was a bit surprised by Tom’s question: “My…cappuccino ? Well…” He looked down at his coffee. All he saw was a mix of milk and coffee, creating a light-brown color in his cup, with some marks of milk foam.

“I…I see a usual coffee. But… Why the coffee ?” he asked, a bit curious about Tom’s answer.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams

“Good answer and great question.” Tom explained, “Because this is the most intuitive model that represents modern science. A chemical mixture like this is composed of neutrons, protons, and electrons, which formed atoms. These are floating because of a non-gravity environment, like in this liquid. On a larger scale, this is a milky galaxy. If milk on the top is the star, other things orbiting around could be planets, moons, and even asteroids.” He smiled, “Simply, haven’t-completely-melted-down-coffee-with-milk. But that’s the way our solar system is formed, by colliding on each other from time to time. In only less than ten seconds created by a replicator instead of ten billion years by grace.”

“So, if we’re in the mess hall, assuming everyone is holding a drink, that would be an intuitive model of the whole universe!” He laughed while carefully holding the cup. “Honestly, I don’t see much difference of observing these by microscope, or telescope. It’s just on a different scale.” He carefully added, “I also must say this, sir. I know that the Lieutenant was probably a little bit bossy,” he emphasized, “but (s)he was the (s)cience officer in chief.”

Cadet Little (Scientist)
Aaron listened to Tom talking about the origins of matter itself. He described a vision of the universe so simple, yet the closer one to the true nature of reality. Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at the end of Tom’s speech. He began with a chuckle before laughing frankly for a few seconds.

“I.. I am sorry”, he said, trying to calm himself. “But this… this was so surprising, I don’t why but… It was so simple and so true that it took me off guard… Don’t take it wrong, but I think it relieves me a bit of… all this.” He opened his hand to show his new office.

Taking a sip of proton-soup cappuccino, he adds: “You know what… Thank you. Really, Tom, it’s good to talk to you. And please… Call me Aaron, when no one’s around”.
He leans back, feeling confident about the future. He is right, Aaron thought. I can do this. Being a doctor isn’t that different from being a scientist.

Glancing at Tom, he jokes: “You know, you’ll make a good counselor.”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

‘Interstellaring’ reaction…Maybe I’ll try this talk to a different specimen next time.

“Glad you’re back, sir…I mean, Aaron.” Tom corrected his words. “I’m actually aiming to become one, but not as a morale officer.” He sipped and said, “On off duty time, I’m studying the laws and treaties. I want to see if I got what it takes to become a legal counselor.”

Interestingly, crews had access to all kinds of educational courses, including from the known universities. On other ships, even their families had accessibilities. There were no excuses for not learning things during the long-distance mission. He thought the possibility that the young lieutenant sitting in front of him was also using this to catch up on the missing knowledge necessary to lead the team.

Cadet Little (Scientist)
Aaron nodded. “Of course. You’ve just entered Starfleet. It’s normal to think about your future”, he said. “If you want, I could have a word with the counselor about it. He might help you more than me with this decision, and you could learn a lot about the job.”

Standing up, he cleared a bit his uniform and smiled at Tom. “Thank you for the little chat. I really appreciated it.”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams

“Um…That was actually a joke, but it wasn’t funny…I’d rather go to sickbay and run a bone analysis.” Tom smiled and finished the last drop. “It was nice meeting you. If you need me, just patch your comm. I’m on alpha shift.” He glanced, stood, and said, “Thank you for the drink, sir. Good afternoon.”

Cadet Little (Scientist)

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“Oh, uh… Sure.” He took a quick pause and nodded at Tom: “Thanks again. I’ll meet you at the lab in the daytime.”

Lieutenant JG AAron Williams - CSO

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