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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted by Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting
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Jethro’s question surprised Aaron. No one has asked him questions about his papers, since he didn’t expect other Starfleet Officers to read them, apart from the main scientific department, and having someone in front of him who read them in front of him makes him grin. “You really read them? Well, I’m flattered.”

The smile on Jethro’s face grew wider as he could sense the Lieutenant’s excitement and see the surprise of peer recognition come across the man’s face. On a busy starship it was hard for people to note ones’ private work outside their job on the ship, unless it was something that effect all of Starfleet. With all his life spent on starships and surround by researchers, Jethro knew this well. He was glad he could bring a small pick-up to his department head’s day.

“Yes, I read them. I like to know the people I’m working with, and there is no better way to do that then by their work. My father always said, ‘People put more of their soul into their work then they realize.”

He couldn’t help but talk about his research: “In fact, I met some species that helped me build some of my papers, but most of those species were either unable to reach or extremely dangerous, which means I based my studies on Starfleet’s Data a lot of time. But since I prefer to talk about anatomy and physical evolution than social interactions, simulations don’t bother me, even though a real organic subject is always better. “

Realizing he was talking a bit too much, Aaron focused: “But if the subject is interesting you, you can talk to me anytime during off-duty. Therefore, how about we dealt with your reporting in ?”

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Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

Jethro crossed his arms in a relaxed manner as he listened the Lieutenant talked excitedly.

“I would very much like to discuss it sometime.”

Taking a seat in the chair in front of the office desk, his eyes flicked to the PADD on the Lieutenant’s desk that display his personal file. Jethro know what it said.

But what it must be like to read it from a third party point of view.

He couldn’t help smile as a memory of one the infractions came to mind. How he a Klingon cadet decided to reenact a battle Kahless to help another friend study for a xenoliterature exam. Well…both participants got swept up in the passion of the reenactment. Both cadets, him and the Klingon spent a nice night in detainment. But their friend passed the test.

“Of course, Lieutenant. Do have any questions for me? Im happy and excited to discuss my assignment aboard this ship.”

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-Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Sitting back in his chair, Aaron took his glasses and put them on the desk. He didn’t need them to read the PaDD, and could clearly see the cadet without corrections.

“Not for now, but we will in a moment.”, said the Lieutenant, smiling at the enthusiasm of Jethro. Who isn’t excited to serve aboard a starship ?, he thought with a smile. But I think he was worried about my PaDD. Oh, well.

“Just give me a minute”, Aaron tells Jethro, and he starts to skim the cadet’s file. Earthling… Lovelace… Violent first contact… And so young! He continues to read the file before something caught his attention. ‘Approached by Starfleet about a stellar phenomenon in Alpha Quadrant’. He really has a strong link with Starfleet! And this stellar phenomenon… I’ll ask him.

He finished reading the document and put his PaDD on the desk. “Sorry for the delay !”, he says. Putting his arms on his desk, he began :

When Jethro saw that the Lieutenant was finished reading his record, he sat up straighter in his chair and fixed his uniform, giving his department head his full attention. Now how will this go?

“So, I saw you’ve had some fight with aliens species, before entering Starfleet. And even at Starfleet, if I count the Klingon incident… Do you see yourself as a fighter ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

A small surpassed laugh escaped him at the Lieutenant’s questions.

“No sir. The incident with the Klingon, Cadet Udrosho…I believe was his name, was…was a matter of cultural study. A common friend of ours need help understanding one of stories of Kahless. We decided to recreated…like a play,…and we both got passionate about it. Nothing more then a few scratches and broken flower pot came out of it.

There may have been some blood-wine somewhere in there.

“As for the other fights, Lieutenant, only when necessary to help people. And those other fights did help people…sir.”

Fingers tapped lightly on Jethro’s right leg, a fidgeting and thinking habit that he had since he was young. Even though there was no malice or attitude corrections with Lieutenant Williams, this scene of a review was all to familiar. It reminded him of the talks and reprimands he would get as a child from whatever commanding officer was in charge for some misadventure he embarked on. Like when on an shore-leave excursion when he was six how he stumbled into an ancient cave system on a small wayward planet the Lovelace came across. Jethro decided he was going to chart it like he was some Starfleet geologist. He even wore a replica commbadge. Only problem he didn’t tell anyone what he was doing. It took the his mother and an away-team four hours to find him. A fraction of a smile lifted on his face as recalled the memory.

-Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

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