Side Sim - Meeting with the CNS

Posted Sept. 28, 2021, 10:52 a.m. by Cadet Tom Little (Scientist) (Tom L)

After leaving the CSO’s office, Tom had walked for few metres and stopped. He turned to a screen on the wall, looked at himself as if his ‘twin brother’ was also telling him to take the chance. Maybe he’s right. I got nothing to lose anyway. Why not figure that now? I’m sick of thinking and living in my own world all the time. Besides, It’s a good excuse to meet the newly appointed counselor. Only if… He turned back to the line, walked straight to the Lieutenant Commander’s office. He paused in front of the door, groomed his uniform, and pushed the chim.

“Counselor, this is Cadet Little. This cadet wishes to speak to you. Permission to enter.”

Cadet Little (Scientist)

(OOC: Hi! This is the second episode from Meeting with the CSO. He finished check-in with the previous CNS. And now, the conclusion…? :)

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