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“It’s not hot. Far from it!” Miya replied in a distracted tone, her attention fixed on the biobed’s readout as she tried to interpret MacGuffin’s vital signs. She frowned, using her PADD to flip back to some of the earlier stats. Just what is going on here? Prophets, this man is in a terrible state!

A shiver ran through her and she turned away briefly to speak to the medical cadet who had helped her seconds earlier. “Can you check the environmental controls, please? It feels like they may be malfunctioning.” Miya turned back just in time to see the second ensign shedding pieces of his uniform at an alarming rate. “What the - ? Ensign, get your clothes on!” she barked automatically, before taking in the sweat beading his brow and making the connection between him and the man on the biobed.

Kosst! Another one?

“Ensign,” she began carefully, “did you eat any grapok sauce last night as well?” As she spoke, she stepped towards him, one hand outstretched to help him up from the floor. “Can you stand? I’ll get you on a biobed, then we’ll see if we can find out what’s making you feel unwell.”

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

“Of, of course I did,” he muttered as he took the CMO’s hand and pulled himself up, but made no attempt to put his clothing back on. In the short time they had been talking the air had started to cool and his sweat started to pick up.

Miya braced herself to take the ensign’s weight as he levered himself up from the floor. His hand felt clammy in hers and, even though it was definitely much cooler in sickbay than it should have been, he was sweating profusely. “Any news about the environmental controls?” she called over her shoulder to the cadet. “It’s getting really cold in here!”

She ignored the ensign’s lack of clothes - for now; it was more important to get him onto a biobed and start treatment before he became as ill as Ensign MacGuffin. She’d also have to warn Engineering to take grapok sauce off the replicator menu until they could run tests on the food for any potential allergens or food poisoning. Kosst, they should probably check all the replicators, just in case this was more widespread ....

As the young Lt escorted the man to the bed he suddenly stopped, hesitant to move forward. “No. No I don’t think I want to go there. You will strap me down and experiment on me!”

GM Wombat

Pulled out of her thoughts, Miya blinked, then tried to reassure the ensign. “I won’t experiment on you! I want to make you better, that’s all. Look, Ensign MacGuffin’s not being experimented on, is he? He looks better now, yes?” In fact, she thought he still looked unwell, just a lot calmer now the sedative had taken effect. Miya tried another tack. “Okay - if you want, we won’t use the bed. You can sit on a chair, all right? I’ll use a medical tricorder to scan you; it won’t be as detailed as the biobed, but it’ll do for now.” And once you’re calmer, I’ll get you on the biobed and run a proper scan!

She caught the eye of another medical cadet and nodded to the tray of hyposprays. “Can you prepare another, please? The antipyretic I used last time and 5ccs of asinolyathin.” To the ensign, she said, “Let’s get you into a chair and I’ll give you a shot - it’ll make you feel a lot better, I promise.”

(OOC: I’m deliberately not naming the cadets as I’m hoping that one of them will be Javal, once he’s started his counsellor check-in and we can get him into the main sim!)

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

=/\= Bridge to Sickbay. Get a team to Engineering and prepare for incoming casualties. =/\=

  • Jacobs, CO (crosspost)

Prophets! What now? Miya rolled her eyes - which she would not have done had the new Captain been nearby, instead of safely on the Bridge - and tapped her commbadge with her free hand, trying to sound coolly professional. =/\= Understood, Captain. Sickbay out. =/\= There was no point asking for more information, she felt; it would be better to get first-hand knowledge of the situation in Engineering and that meant sending people down there as quickly as possible.

Still encouraging the ailing Ensign Chekhov towards the nearest chair, she called over her shoulder, “Cadet Javal! Take a medpack and a medical tricorder and get down to Engineering. Look for Lieutenant Stadi, the chief engineer - find out what’s going on, triage injuries and beam anyone who’s seriously hurt directly to Sickbay. Make sure to keep me informed about what’s happening in Engineering - understood?”

Not waiting for his response, she glanced at two nearby Ensigns. “NE Lister, NE Syme, grab medkits and accompany Cadet Javal, please.” They were two of the more experienced Ensigns and could be relied on to support the Vulcan cadet. Miya felt confident Javal would perform well, whatever was going on in Engineering. She’d been impressed so far by his careful, precise manner; now it was time to see how he coped in more pressurised situations. There was no time to ponder that, though. Miya raised her voice. “Everyone else, prepare for incoming casualties. Usual procedures apply - you know the drills, we’ve practised them often enough!”

As for the two Ensigns with possible allergic reactions, MacGuffin and Chekhov, Miya felt she didn’t have enough information yet to pass up the chain of command. She wanted more diagnostic details - hopefully including some knowledge of what had made them both so ill - before she could identify potential solutions and pass them on. “Almost there, Ensign!” she puffed, supporting Chekhov towards the chair. Hopefully she could scan him with a medical tricorder once he was sitting down.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

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