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=^= Foley here Doctor. How contagious are we talking about? And do you have any idea on how it might be spread? =^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO (cross post)

Miya grimaced. She hated admitting she didn’t have a clear answer, but at the same time she had to let the senior officers know about something as serious as a potential outbreak.

=^= I have no further information yet, Commander. I’m awaiting the results of tests on two ensigns who were brought into sickbay with what seemed like food poisoning or an allergic reaction, but I’ve just heard about another crew member in environmental controls with similar symptoms. The biohazard warning came from a cadet there. I’ve directed him to our medics who are dealing with the situation in Engineering and in the meantime, I’ve put quarantine measures in place in Sickbay. I’ll inform you as soon as I have these test results, sir. =^=

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

=/\= Thank you, Doctor, keep me informed. =/\=

  • Jacobs, CO (crossposted)

=^= Aye, sir, I will. Ven out. =^=

=^= Copy that, standing by for redirection. Lieutenant Williams is here doing a head-to-toe assessment, wearing anti-flash gear. The cargo bay may have some more. =^= He also said the following to comfort her. =^= Docter Ven, it seems that Halloween came early, can’t wait to see your costume. Little out. =^=

[Cadet Tom Little, scientist - cross-post]

The incongruity of the comment made her chuckle, a half-hysterical laugh that bubbled up before she could curb it. Fortunately, she hadn’t pressed her commbadge yet to reply. She took a deep breath and forced calm into her voice. =^= Thank you, Cadet. Follow Lieutenant Williams’ instructions - he’s a doctor too. And stay away from the patient until we know more about what’s happening here. Ven out. =^=

Thank the Prophets that Aaron is there. His experience is going to be invaluable! Having a fully-trained doctor on hand would be an advantage, but personal protective equipment would help too ...... she was distracted from the thought by an outburst from one of her patients.

MacGuffin strained against his restraints thrashing about as the sweating continued despite the quickly cooling temperatures. Chekhov, continued to sweat as well and grow more restless as he started to clamber to his feet.

Miya darted forwards, but tried not to make physical contact with him. “Please, sit back down - or lie on the bed, if you like. It’ll be much more comfortable for you!” She looked around for a hypospray, but one wasn’t near at hand. The quarantine forcefield prevented her from moving to the workbench to pick one up.

The computer scans were fairly quick. There was a food born pathogen in both of the crew members, or something that resembled one anyway. Miya didn’t have any discernible amounts in her blood so it appeared not to be transmittable by air at least, so that was something.

GM Wombat

The arrival of the test results was more important than any hypospray. Miya hastily scanned the biobed sensors and readouts from her tricorder before tapping her commbadge. =^= Ven to Captain Jacobs. Apparently the two ensigns in sickbay have been infected by a food-borne pathogen - they’ve both eaten grapok sauce, so that could be the cause of the problem. I’m carrying out more scans to isolate and identify the organism, then work out how to deal with it.” She was inputting data into her PADD as she spoke, sending the results to the sickbay LCARS to run a full diagnostic process. “The good news is that the pathogen doesn’t appear to be airborne, but I’d still recommend caution until we know for sure, sir. =^=

The fact that she seemed to have avoided infection made her shiver with relief - or maybe it was just the rapidly plummeting temperatures. That reminded her of Aaron and his team in environmental controls. She tapped her commbadge again. =^= Ven to Williams - Aaron, whatever’s going on, it looks like it’s not airborne but be careful - the scans aren’t conclusive yet. Could be food-borne - can you see if your patient ate any grapok sauce recently? And if so, was it from a replicator or did someone bring it aboard? =^=

She sent one final message to the sickbay personnel in the auxiliary cargo bay and main engineering. =^= Ven to Javal, Fleming, Lister and Syme. It seems that a food-borne pathogen may be causing the illness that’s affecting some crew members. It doesn’t look like it’s airborne, but exercise extreme caution just in case. If you can talk to any of your patients, see if they’ve eaten any grapok sauce recently and ask them where it came from. Report back to me with any new information. Ven out. =^=

Nurse Cadell approached the forcefield around the biobeds. She and the other sickbay staff were wearing full PPE, Miya was relieved to see. “Can you distribute protective equipment to our personnel in the auxiliary cargo bay and main engineering, please? I’ve already updated them on the pathogen. And,” she dropped her voice, “please bring me these hyposprays - the prescriptions will be on your PADD in a second.” Miya glanced at MacGuffin, still thrashing in his restraints. She really wanted to sedate him before he did any damage to himself. And where he went, Chekhov was likely to follow … the sooner she could get him secured on a biobed, the better. One thing at a time, Miya. One thing at a time.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

=^= “Understood, Doctor,” Javal said, in a sort of forced manor as he tumbled about. “I will attempt communication with the affected crewmen to ascertain their current state of agitation. I will inform you of any pertinent developments in my investigation.” =^=

[Cadet Javal - doctor (cross-post)]

Miya frowned. Something about Javal’s intonation seemed … off. Even allowing for his Vulcan formality, that wasn’t his usual way of speaking. Maybe he was finding the assignment too much for him? But he was extremely competent; she wouldn’t have sent him otherwise. Still, she should check, just to be sure. =^= Are you all right, Cadet? You sound a little … stressed. -^=

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

Javal took a minute or two to respond, as he was at this moment busily righting himself in three-dimensional space.

=^= “Your query as to my condition is noted, Ma’am,” he said with a pause, as a small bout of dizziness from the disorienting maneuver began to set in. “But the stress I am experiencing is purely a vestibular reaction to the lack of gravitational pull in the area. I do not presume it will significantly impair my ability to complete the examinations.”

[Cadet Javal - doctor (cross-post)]

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