Engineering - Kalos Onovren reporting for duty

Posted Oct. 16, 2021, 6:36 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) (Griffin Day)

Posted by Cadet Kalos Onovren (Engineer) in Engineering - Kalos Onovren reporting for duty

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) in Engineering - Kalos Onovren reporting for duty

Finding the necessary tools on the desk Kalos began work by rerouting temporarily through the other coils, distributing the load evenly across the remaining good ones, taking the load off the damaged one. “I agree, it is difenetly nice to be working with likeminded people, both figuratively and metaphorically. There, that should buy us a little more time but the other coils wont be able to handle the load for long, do you happen to have another coil just laying around?” Kalos asked as he surveyed the office.
(OOC: Again, not quite sure how far I can go, just trying to scope things out.)

-Cadet Kalos Onovren, Engineer

(OOC: You’re doing great, I’m also throwing a lot at you for your first thread so don’t worry doing anything wrong, that’s what the Academy is here for. These initial check-ins get you used to how we do things, we ask you about your character to give you a feel for posting and who you’re playing as, etc… and I like to throw in some problem-solving RP interactions to get your feet wet. You did good, you scanned the part, allowed the GM (or rather myself as acting GM in this case) to inform you of the issue and you came up with a solution. Then it falls on the GM to react to your solution, considering factors like: was it thought out or just jumped to a conclusion your character wouldn’t have done, did the engineering lingo they used make sense within Star Trek and ship specs, did it leave the GM room to adapt what was happening or did you say ‘boom! Done, fixed it!”.... basically: was it roleplayed well? Then they respond accordingly to whether it would succeed or not. Some go off of solely RP and how they feel about it, others roll dice, etc… But you posted just how you would if you were involved in a sim. You’re doing well considering I threw a ticking time bomb at you. )
“As a matter of fact…” Dael got out of his chair and moved over to one of the lines of panels on the walls. He tapped the second one in column and the drawer opened to reveal a myriad of spare parts, isolinear chips, and data rods. He looked in a for a few moments, then went to a similar drawer next to it and did the same. At this one he reached in, pulling out a spare coil and hefting it in his hand. “This should do nicely.”

Walking back, he set it down in front of the cadet before taking his chair again. “Just make sure any capacitors are discharged before you crack that thing open. The beeping makes me think power’s still getting to it and that would be a nasty zap if you made contact. Now, back to my question, what got you interested in this field Cadet? You mentioned working with like-minded people, has Engineering always been something you’ve had an interest in?”

-Lt jg Dael Stadi, CE

After discharging the capacitors into a nearby power cell Kalos found laying on the desk, he began disconnecting the current coil. “I don’t know where or when I first became interested in engineering, but I remember as a boy I started building and flying models of old 20th and 21st century aircraft. But, I really loved designing my own aircraft and by sixteen I had gotten an apprenticeship with the starship design Department. By nineteen I had my own place on design committee for the Far Star class development project. I was responsible for the design of the main space frame superstructure and primary flight controls.” finally extracting the coil from the intercooler, a darkness seemed to pass over Kalos’s face, “But after my Dad passed a couple of weeks ago I felt like I needed to… …to continue his work in the service, so I applied to the academy as an engineer. Seeing as I already had experience in the engineering field, working for Starfleet, I was sent here to an active assignment and told that I would probably never see the academy grounds as a student.” with a satisfying click the new coil locked into place and Kalos replaced the cover. “That should do it,” he said looking back up towards the lieutenant hoping he hadn’t picked up on Kalos’s reservations about serving.

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-Cadet Kalos Onovren, Engineer

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Dael watched the cadet work and took stock of his abilities. He seemed to be handling the repair well, which he expected any cadet worth their courses at the academy to do. But it was also good to see that he kept his focus on the job while fielding questions and doing it all in front of his superior. Focus was something Dael used all the time, from jobs to keeping out the white noise of his crewmate’s thoughts, and he appreciated his team to be able to do similar.
“That’s quite the resume you have there Cadet.” he replied and leaned forward to take up the part. He gave it a once over and a nod before setting it back down. “And I’m sorry to hear about your father. I haven’t had to go through that myself, but I’ve been around plenty of loss in my time and it’s never an easy thing.” The Betazoid knew there was something up with the cadet when he had felt the new presence in his Engineering deck, and this explained it. He wish he knew the right things to say, but he was an engineer, not a counselor. He’d just do his best. “It sounds like he was a large influence on your life, considering he was an engineer himself. I’m sure he’d be proud to see your achievements get you to this point. So, by the looks of it, you bring a good bit of experience to my department, lot of design work there which is invaluable, knowing the layout and inner workings of a starship is step one for us here. How well has that translated to working with a team and on hands-on repairs? I know from experience, we can get caught up in our schematics sometimes and forget the world around us, but being on a starship crew means it’s even more important to be aware of our fellows in the field.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

(OOC: I was curious if there were deck plans or visual schematics of some sort for the challenger. I also am not sure how to end a side sim like this, should I just end the conversation and then pick a new sim, or should it make sense with what is happening in engineering right now?)

(OOC: You’re in luck! We do have schematics for the Challenger, you can find them on our ship page near the top, or by clicking here to make things easier.
So as far as the check in goes, we’ll keep doing this one till it naturally ends, my character will ask some more questions to get to know yours, you’ll be dismissed, etc… Now, when it comes to posting your other check-ins you’re free to do that now, even with this thread still open. Here at STF, we’re fine with people posting in multiple threads that take place at different times (if it makes sense for your character to be there of course). So you can keep posting in this check in, while also starting the thread your sickbay or counselor check in, taking place after this one.
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-Griff, aka Dael Stadi, CE

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