Main Sim- EPS Systems with Cadet Hobbes

Posted Oct. 21, 2021, 10:36 a.m. by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) (S. Kimmel)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim- EPS Systems with Cadet Hobbes
Dael walked into the EPS systems as frazzled as he’d ever looked. Realigning a warp matrix was nothing compared to having his staff turn into a bunch of raving lunatics swinging fists all over his warp room. He found Katie after a quick scan and walked over to the cadet.

“Good job on getting everyone out of the Engineering , Hobbes. I don’t know what’s come over everyone in there but they started swinging at each other and me. In my Engineering deck. They better hope whatever has them acting like this is mind-control, or they’ll wish it was something fatal.” He took a deep breath and worked to regain his focus. All the rest could wait, the functioning members of the Engineering team had a job to do. “I’ve been getting scattered reports of the situation, looks like you’ve done well keeping them isolated and from damaging anything. What else have I missed?”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

Katherine smiled for a moment at the Lieutenant’s remark but dropped it immediately. Perhaps he was actually serious about doing something fatal to those folks. She turned to the display.

“It appears that we have most of the people from Engineering in the zero-grav cargo bay… Making it zero gravity did reduce their ability to harm anyone or anything… but it is not a perfect containment,” she said. She tapped the screen. “There is a force field projector that is out here so it is theoretically possible someone could get out.”

She turned to Stadi.

“My biggest worry is that I don’t actually know what caused this. We may need to do something with air circulation. Or perhaps something to the potable water system. Or, for all I know, there is a programming glitch in the replicators,” Katie said. She took a deep breath. “I just don’t know what the next highest priority should be.”

=/\= Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Engineering

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