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Jethro had been waiting patiently by the doors to Environmental Controls, waiting for his orders. He didn’t want jump the job, and possible get charged with breaking the chain of command. When the other Cadet, a Tom Little, arrived he turned to the Lieutenant. “Lieutenant, what is…” A Klingon woman exited the control room.

*Is she sweating, in 0 degree?”

As Little took the time to active the EMH, Jethro walked up to the Klingon. “Ma’am are you ok? Do you need me to comm medical?” He quickly took the time to back into the control room and get a quick glance of it’s condition before turning his attention back to the woman.

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Aaron took the anti-flash gear Tom was giving him and started to put on the gloves. “Thank you. But no need to overload the EMH for a single patient”, he said.

Still, even with the unbearable cold, this woman is over sweating, he thought while fixing his gloves. I bet she is infected with some pathogen, but I’ve never seen those symptoms before. Let’s hope it’s not highly contagious.

After the gloves were set, he put the hood on his head. It won’t be as effective as a medical suit, but that will do. Turning his head toward the cadets, he began to give orders: “Jethro, Little, I want both of you to step back. Tom, while you’re at it, contact Sickbay and call a medical team equipped with anti-bacterial suits. Jethro, I want a full biological analysis of this woman. But keep your distances!”

After that, Aaron began to slowly approach the woman, putting his hands in front of him: “Miss, do you hear me ? Do you know what happened to you ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams, Former Doctor back on the road - CSO

“Copy that, sir.” Tom was willing to weigh the system instead of waving more casualties. Since the Chief had made the call, there were no need and time to discuss it further. The audio-only response from the computer did intrigue his frowned face. =c= Computer, abort the last command. =c= As instructed, he backed off about 3 meters measured by the steps and hailed, =^= Sickbay, this is Cadet Little. Emergency call. Location, deck 2, environmental controls. We have a female Klingon, semi-conscious, and sweating. Be advised, possible biohazards. I repeat, possible biohazards. Anti-bacterial suits are recommended. Over. =^=

Somewhat the team has split to point, doc, and radioman, which reminded his old days. He also wondered what kind of ritual this woman was doing inside. Wait, if it’s a ritual, that could be more ‘victims’ inside. Initillay, he wanted to leave the ‘patient’ to the hologram and move on to what he hailed for. It’s going to be a long day.

Cadet Little (Scientist)

Jethro turned his attention from the Klingon to the CSO and nodded, “Yes, sir.” He pulled out the tricorder he was using to help tune the instruments in the astrometircs lab and tune the tool to read the Klingons bio signature.

I’m a Scientist not a Doctor, Lieutenant, Erik’s thoughts rang.

Biology was not his strongest branch of the sciences but he knew enough to read the tricorder.

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

=^= Cadet Little - we have a potential biohazard situation in Sickbay. I’ll get someone to you as soon as possible but for now your closest medics are Cadet Javal, who’s on his way to the auxiliary cargo bay, and NE Lister, who’s in main engineering. If you contact them, be sure to warn them to take all precautions when working with the patient - and that goes for you too; stay well clear. I’ll be back in touch once I know more about the biohazard situation. Ven out. =^=

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO - cross-post]

Oh boy…That explained an unusual brief blank from the sickbay in response to the request, as they were already dealing with the potential incident. Not knowing what was really happened there, Tom responded, =^= Copy that, standing by for redirection. Lieutenant Williams is here doing a head-to-toe assessment, wearing anti-flash gear. The cargo bay may have some more. =^= He also said the following to comfort her. =^= Docter Ven, it seems that Halloween came early, can’t wait to see your costume. Little out. =^=

=^= Thank you, Cadet. Follow Lieutenant Williams’ instructions - he’s a doctor too. And stay away from the patient until we know more about what’s happening here. Ven out. =^=

“Sir, it seems like we’re on the waiting list.” He turned his face to the CSO, “The sickbay is on biohazard alert.” He then put down his shoulder bag, started taking off the uniform and boots.

Cadet Little (Scientist)

The science officer frowned a moment before getting visibly agitated with Avant. “I am not deaf, you nitwit,” she said a she continued to sweat in the chilly temperatures. “I am burning up however.” She tugged at her undershirt, sweat starting to dampen the front and under her arms. “Aren’t you hot. It is so hot in here.”

She glanced at Little, “Are you hot too? Why are you taking off your boots?”

GM Wombat

=^= Ven to Williams - Aaron, whatever’s going on, it looks like it’s not airborne but be careful - the scans aren’t conclusive yet. Could be food-borne - can you see if your patient ate any grapok sauce recently? And if so, was it from a replicator or did someone bring it aboard? =^=
Aaron quickly tapped on his badge and answer: =^= Grapok sauce? I mean, right now, we don’t know the cause, but we’re working on it. And thanks for the advice, we’re taking all the precaution we can. =^=

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO - cross-posts]

Good, she is alert with a voice, aware of the surroundings. And…“You know what? I have no doubt.” Tom giggled then sat on the deck, implied the beginning of a ‘little’ show. While taking off the boots, he began his opening statement. “That’s Doctor Williams, Mister Avant, and me, a little Tom. And staying between them is like standing between Mercury and Venus, as their ‘hotness’ measured by ‘tropical unit’ is overwhelming.” He continued, “I suggest you keep a little distance, Miss. That’s one of the reasons why the doctor is wearing strangely, not to…Oh, and by the way, you got a name?” He glitched but behaved naturally. He tried not to be influenced by the sweating Klingon nor the chilling deck.

Cadet Little (Scientist)
Looking at Tom’s little game, Aaron couldn’t help but smile a bit. Still, that might work, he thought. If he could put her at ease, we could know what happened. But how can he undress with this cold ?

Slowly approaching Tom without losing sight of the sweating officer, the Lieutenant said: “While you’re at it, ask her about a Grapok sauce, or any food that might not come from a replicator.”
Turning his head to Jethro, he adds: “Jethro, put your tricorder down , the Medical Team is on it. Instead, try to go in the Environmental Controls and bring back the normal temperature.”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

Not knowing what sauce that was, Tom responded. “Oh com’on doc, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.” He thumbed up to the CSO as a gesture of wilco. He then turned to Avant, gave him upward eyebrows, and said, “It looks like Mister Avant needs a moment to groom himself.” Signaling he had his back covered. Lastly, he turned to the sweating woman while taking his socks off, “…Do you know why we sweat?”

Cadet Little (Scientist)

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