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Miya frowned. Something about Javal’s intonation seemed … off. Even allowing for his Vulcan formality, that wasn’t his usual way of speaking. Maybe he was finding the assignment too much for him? But he was extremely competent; she wouldn’t have sent him otherwise. Still, she should check, just to be sure. =^= Are you all right, Cadet? You sound a little … stressed. -^=

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

Javal took a minute or two to respond, as he was at this moment busily righting himself in three-dimensional space.

=^= “Your query as to my condition is noted, Ma’am,” he said with a pause, as a small bout of dizziness from the disorienting maneuver began to set in. “But the stress I am experiencing is purely a vestibular reaction to the lack of gravitational pull in the area. I do not presume it will significantly impair my ability to complete the examinations.”

[Cadet Javal - doctor (cross-post)]

Her frown deepened. The gravity was off in the auxiliary cargo bay? It must be purely a local issue, because her feet were very firmly on the floor! Her expression turned into a rueful smile as she responded to Javal. =^= Just remember your antigrav training, Cadet - and take a shot of anti-nausea medication if you continue to feel unwell. Let me know how you get on with your patients. Ven out. =^=

Nurse Cadell returned with the hyposprays, dropping the forcefield for a couple of seconds to hand them to Miya. “How long should we keep the forcefield up, Lieutenant, if the pathogen isn’t airborne?”

“The test results weren’t conclusive, I’m afraid - it’s likely not to be airborne, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. We’ll keep it up for a little longer.” Miya cut off the conversation with a nod and a smile as her commbadge beeped.

=/\= Thank you for the update, Doctor. Do we know the source of the grapok sauce? =/\=

  • Jacobs, CO (crosspost)

Miya marshalled her thoughts. =^= Negative, Captain. Both ensigns who came into sickbay aren’t making much sense at all, I’m afraid. I’ve passed on the details to the sickbay staff who are at Main Engineering and Environmental Controls. If they get any new information from the patients they’re treating, I’ll feed it back to you immediately and if I find out anything, you’ll be the first to know, sir. =^= She didn’t sign off, in case the Captain wanted to come back with another question or comment.

With a reassuring smile for Ensign Chekhov, she said, “This will help you relax and feel better.” Trying to keep the hypospray hidden from his view, she prepared to give him a shot of the combined fever medication and sedative.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

When Miya got close to Chekhov he sprang at her, forcing her back towards the containment field. “No!,” he bellowed, “You won’t take me alive!” Quickly he searched around looking for something, anything, to brandish as a weapon and hold it in front of himself as a defensive weapon. Settling on a tricorder he hefted it and threw it at Miya before attempting to run away, hitting smack dab in the middle of the containment field.

GM Wombat

She was taken by surprise at first and stumbled backwards a few steps, narrowly stopping herself from colliding with the field quarantining that area of sickbay. Chekhov’s follow-up was so swift that Miya barely managed to swing her arm in front of her face to deflect the tricorder away from her. She let out a yelp - more of surprise than pain - as the device hit her lower arm, causing her to drop the hypospray.

As Chekhov collided with the containment field, Miya scrambled for the hypospray and lunged for the ensign, seeking to inject him in the closest part of his anatomy … whatever that might be.

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

The hypospray came down on the curve of his buttocks. With a yelp the man, stunned from the collision with the containment field, swung with his back arm wide and uncontrolled, cursing in Klingon, before finally passing out, enveloped by the warm but demanding embrace of medicinal sedatives.

GM Wombat

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