Microbiology Lab - Deck 4 - USS Challenger - Reporting For Duty

Posted Oct. 23, 2021, 9:39 a.m. by Cadet Leslie Summers (Scientist) (Brian Thomas)

Leslie adjusted her uniform once more, as she walked through the corridors holding what seemed like her future in her hands. She was scheduled to meet with her new department head Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams carrying her duty assignment. Leslie hadn’t expected to be assigned to a Starship on her first assignment, maybe a research institution. Shaking her head slightly and wondering how long before she would be able to request a transfer. It wasn’t as if she was against those who wanted to travel the stars, but her passion was researching. Although the Discovery had numerous research facilities, and she would hopefully find herself inside a few of them. Arriving at the Microbiology Lab she pressed the chime announcing her presence to those inside.


Walking inside of the lab, “Cadet Summers Reporting for Duty, sir” she stood at attention awaiting a confirmation from her new Department Head. As much as the thought of traveling throughout the world, the USS Challenger appeared to have some of the state of the art facilities supporting research.

OOC: I am hoping that I started this off right, I am trying to dust off my RP Skills.

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