Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

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Posted by Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting

Posted by Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist) in Side Sim - Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist): Shuttle Bay heading for CSO Meeting
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Aaron nodded: “I can totally understand.” He took a pause, drinking a bit of his coffee. “You know…”, he began. “My position implies me to reprimand you about your fights and to warn you, but… I think some people already told you. And I’m not here for that right now.”

Jethro raised his eyebrow a bit as the Lieutenant pushed aside his reprimands on his record. From his experience most of his commanding officers focused entirely on it. This was a nice a change.

Trying to change the subject, he said: “In fact, I’ve seen you were already linked with Starfleet before you even applied at the Academy, aboard the Lovelace first, and then with this, I quote: ‘stellar phenomenon on the edge of Federation space in the Alpha quadrant.’ and you have lived aboard an out-post and a starbase. Could you tell me more about it ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

When the Lieutenant moved on with his questions, he paid attention very closely to make sure he was able to answer them to the best of his ability. Jethro nodded and smiled at the mention of his life and its proximity to Starfleet and about his father’s latest and continuing research project.

“You could say,” Jethro shrugged his hands, “that Starfleet was has been my life long before I even joined it.” He waved his hands in explanation. Jethro talked very much with his hands as he did his mouth. “My mother was the XO of the Lovelace and I was born on it, as I’m sure you’ve read.” He nodded his head to the PADD. “A Federation starship was my first home, I still fill more at home aboard starships then planet-side. I got very familiar with Starfleet protocol and duties from a young age. When my mother died, my father and I moved to Earth, San Francisco to be precise. My father is a scientist as well, his specialty is the quantum mechanics of various stellar phenomena. While my mother was doing her Command duties, my father was able to help out the Lovelace’s science team during it’s mission and was able to work on his own research. Because of this, he established his own relationship with Starfleet as a consultant. My father father was even chosen to be act as a Federation representative at a few Stellar Conferences. I even got to go to a few of those conferences, as I tended to be his research assistant.

Jethro smiled blissfully as he stared off, recalling a memory.

Bring his attention back to the Lieutenant, he continued. “For the four years we lived on earth, my father worked in a private institute continuing his research. Then a Starfleet science vessel, the U.S.S Plank, encountered a very unique stellar phenomena in a sector a little pass Starbase 51 and Starbase 9. A magnetar seemed to be caught between the rotation of two black holes who were destined to collide. The gravitational waves of the black holes, the intense magnetic field of the star that already effects matter at the quantum level and the syphoning of its stellar matter by the black holes combine to disrupted space and subspace for about an area seven star systems.”

With a scoot further in his chair, he got closer to Lieutenant’s desk, now excited to tell this story and the science. He leaned forward to better address the Lieutenant.

“All warp travel in the sector was sketchy and impossible the closer you to the area of effect. The Plank calculated the magnetar’s age to be between 1,000 - 2,000 years old.” Jethro shook his hand in roughly motion. “Magnetars only live around 10, 000 years because of the decay of their magnetic field, this one probably has less time because of the continual loss of its stellar matter. Know my father’s specialty in quantum mechanics and not wanting to waist the opportunity to study this phenomena, Starfleet approached my father with an offer the head a research team on it. He accepted and a moth later we left for Starbase 51 hitching rides on a few Federation starships to get there. Because of the area effect and the inability to get close to the phenomena, my father and his team decided the best way to study it would be scanning and probing from various distances starting far away and getting as close as possible. We spent the first two years at Starbase 51 as the team set up the experiment and gathering preliminary data. Once that was done, we moved onto Starbase 9 to reach different angle for scans. After a bout a year and a half there a small ship with a tiny grew of Starfleet officers were assigned to assist the teams travels we spent the next four and a half planet hoping, setting up temporary outposts in order better gather data as we traveled as close as we could. The team were made up other families of different ages, so I was not wanting for peer companionship and plus I was just happy to be back in space.”

He paused taking brief second to adjust his uniform.

“On Starbase 9, we had thought that what we were seeing was the effects of the magnetar’s extreme high electromagnetic radiation bursts on a cluster of dark matter, that hadn’t been mapped. But, that would have kept the subspace disturbances to a confined area and not so widespread. As we got closer, we discovered that it was actually dark energy that was playing with space. Even in the 24th centaury, we still don’t know that much about dark energy. We know that dark matter and dark energy are made up the same subatomic particles but are total opposites. Dark matter contracts space and dark energy expands space. Normally we can only observe dark energy through intergalactic space with the movement of galaxies. Turns out, that interaction between magnetar and the black holes was causing dark energy to be expressed on a interstellar scale thus, causing the disturbances.”

He took a breath, hoping to slow himself down. Giving the Lieutenant the time to catch up, Jethro had a habit of talking fast when excited.

“This is why a lot of my current personal research is focused on the effects of dark energy on subspace and warp fields. I’m trying to see is there a way to counteract the phenomena’s effect and see if we can find a way to adapt Warp Theory for warp travel through that area. In hopes of getting ships out there to study it even closer.”

-Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Aaron nodded at Jethro, trying to fully comprehend his story. “That’s a lot of information! But it’s really interesting. And I guess those events lead you to maybe specialize yourself in dark matter and quantum physic?”

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Jethro nodded his head and smiled at the Lieutenant understanding. “That about sums up my life.” He let out a small laugh, becoming a little more relaxed in front of his department head. “As you know, dark matter and dark energy are made up of the same particles. So, I’ve found it helpful to study one and use that data to help interpret the data coming off of dark energy. Plus, it nice to have a father who’s actively studying a dark energy phenomena so he’s always sending me new data that his team has collected.”

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Aaron smiled back at Jethro: “I guess it’s quite helpful. Dark matter is a pretty interesting subject.” He yawned a bit, and says: “Pardon me! I had a terrible night.”

Trying to focus back on the subject, he says: “I think we’re almost done. I just have one last thing to ask you, even though I already have an idea of your answer from what you’ve just told me, but I need to be sure: Why did you join Starfleet ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

He sat up straight again fixing his uniform. With a smile, he assumed a confident pose. “Adventure and to settle my own curiosity, is really what it boils down to, sir. And if I get the chance to help people along the way, then all the better.”

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Aaron nodded with a smile and replied: “Like all of us on this ship, Cadet. Everyone wants to know what’s hiding behind this black curtain named ‘Space’…” He finished his coffee and putting his empty mug on the desk, he stood up and said: ” Well, I guess I’ll see you at the lab, then! I’ll send you your schedule as soon as I can.”

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