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As Javal got himself into position to examine the crewman, he noticed Jordy take position just beside him. Noting his complaint, which he filed away as a lesson to be learned about responding to situations like these in a more prepared manner, he made ready his tricorder to start his preliminary scans of the patient. Hopefully, the fellow would be too discombobulated by his feverish symptoms and the disorientation of floating around in space for him to take too much offense at Javal’s poking and prodding.

OOC: What information does Javal find out about this patient, assuming he gets the chance to get a decent enough scan of him?

[Cadet Javal - doctor]

(OOC: The gamemaster will reply, giving you the results of the tricorder readings (assuming your scan worked, of course!) - so that’s a perfect place to stop your post to give him a chance to respond! Then you get to react to what the GM tells you. Glad you’ve both got your feet on the ground again! ;D )

[OOC - Claire (Miya)]

‘They look sick dont you think, they were not in that condition in main engineering.’ Jordy says to Javal he thought he knew what was going on but now he does not.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

As his tricorder was taking its initial readings of the sick crewman, Javal replied to Jordy’s question.

“Your perception of the situation is correct. While the affected crewmen in Main Engineering displayed agitation, they had not at that time exhibited chills and fever such as is being exhibited now. My scan should be able to elucidate this change in condition.”

The scans were completed fairly quickly and consistent. Any engineer would have the same illness that was discovered in the Sick bay. High fever, delusional, quick temper. The blood scans would show signs of the same virus.

GM Wombat

As the scans came in, Javal peered carefully over the data stream, his eyes glancing over the assorted numbers and abbreviations that only a trained physician would be able to interpret on the fly. While the results indicated the obvious observation of fever and delusion, another result stuck out at him.

“Curious. My scans are indicating the presence of viral infection in this patient. I must transmit these results to Dr. Ven posthaste -”

At that very moment, Javal’s combadge came alive with Miya’s voice.

=^= Ven here - report, please. What condition are your patients in? =^=

Javal looked over at Jordy and raised his eyebrow at the convenient timing of the message.

“Ah, it seems that my report shall be received at a most opportune time by the CMO.”

Promptly tapping his combadge to give his reply, Javal glanced down at his tricorder and input a couple of commands to upload his scan results to the library computer found in Sickbay.

=^= “Cadet Javal here. I have completed a diagnostic examination of one of the affected engineers in the cargo bay. My scans indicate high-grade pyrexia, psychosomatic disturbance, and, most notably, a viral infection with sequences not readily indicative of most common communicable strains. I have uploaded the results of my scan to the Sickbay library computer.” =^=

Javal paused for a moment, thinking about the implications of what this situation would mean for both him and the security and medical personnel with him.

=^= ....Granted that the causative agent of these disturbances is viral in origin, I must assume that both I and the security and medical personnel that accompanied me to the cargo bay have been exposed to the virus. Unless otherwise indicated, we may need to undertake quarantine procedures to prevent further spread of the contagion.” =^=

[Cadet Javal - doctor]

=^= I think you’re right, Cadet. Take all precautions possible until we know for sure - I’m hoping to have more information about the infection vector soon. Do any of your crew members need beamed to sickbay or are you able to deal with them for now? =^=

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO - cross-post]

‘If the virus does spread it also has spreaded in engineering and in there we had the the chief engineer and chief of security there, then we have a problem because if we need to go in quarantine then we have not much security left.’ Jordy says worried to Javal.

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

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