Side Sim - Cadet Wayland Reporting for Duty/Medical Check-in - Sickbay

Posted Nov. 30, 2021, 8:41 p.m. by Cadet Javal (Doctor) (Stephen O’Dette)

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Jetta was glad she had taken the transporter aboard the ship, as it had given her just enough time to drop her bags at her quarters before heading to sickbay to report for duty and her medical check-in. With all the hustle and bustle of arriving on her first assignment, she hadn’t really had much time to worry about it being her first assignment and thinking ahead about first impressions and all the anxiety that comes with those kinds of situations. That was another plus about taking the transporter– it was nearly instantaneous, rather than the long wait of riding in the shuttle.

As she entered sickbay it was finally sinking in that she had finally made it. All the studying at the Academy had paid off, because now she was about to start her new career of helping people and exploring all the universe had to offer. She just had to find someone to check in with and get her physical done first.

[Cadet Jetta Wayland (Doctor)]

OOC: Welcome aboard! My name is Stephen and I’m standing in for Claire, our Chief Medical Officer, who is currently on an LOA to write her dissertation. Although I’m not as experienced as the Department Heads are in regards to how RP works here, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have while your character checks in with medical. Now then! Without any further ado…

Cadet Javal pressed a piping cup of plomeek tea to his lips, allowing the refreshing moisture to wash over his dry mouth after a long day of consulting with patients. His work load had increased - rather significantly, in fact - due to Dr. Ven Miya, the Chief Medical Officer, entrusting him with handling the medical check-ins for the ever steady stream of fresh Cadets making their away aboard the Challenger.

Javal’s eyes lifted up to meet the two large doors that separated the sickbay from the cavernous hallways that twisted and turned outside. As he did so, his mind came to rest on how it was only a short while ago that he had passed through those doors for the first time, ready to commence his duties as a Starfleet physician after nearly 22 years of what humans would refer to as “soul searching.” While the Vulcan considered the term rather imperfect from a philosophical standpoint, its figurative meaning held some merit.

Almost as if on queue, the objective of his pondering slide wide open to reveal a young woman in medical blue. Raising an eyebrow at the newcomer, Javal placed his tea down at the table he was leaning against and procured his PADD that had been laid beside his beverage during his little break.

And this must be…Cadet Wayland, Jetta, 22, he thought to himself, as his brown eyes scanned what information the Starfleet medical records availed him. His eyes finally paused along their horizontal course when they came across her divisional information. Starfleet Medical, very good. Javal was often one to be interested in his medical colleagues’ work.

“Cadet Wayland, I presume?” he said, lowering his PADD to his side and approaching the young doctor. “I am Cadet Javal and I will be conducting your medical check-in. Welcome aboard the Challenger,” he said with a nod. “I trust your onboarding was sufficiently uneventful?” Perhaps he meant to say ‘smooth and uneventful,’ but one cannot expect a Vulcan to know all of the vagaries of human correspondence!

[Cadet Javal - doctor]

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