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Aaron nodded, and hurry up to the turbo lift. He enters and said: “Environmental control”. As the doors closed, and the turbo lift began to go down, Aaron tapped on his combadge :

=^= Lieutenant Williams to Cadets Little and Avant. I want you to go to environmental controls but wait for me. NE Lane, report to the bridge as Science Officer. =^=

A moment later, the turbo lift opened at the bridge, and a science officer came out. He walks toward his console and turned around to face his Captain. “Enseign Lane at Science Console, Captain”, he said. “I replace Lieutenant Williams, sir.” After that, he sat on his chair, waiting for orders.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

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Cadet Jethro Avant was entranced in running a retuning and diagnostic on the sensors in Astrometrics Lab 2 on Deck 5. His hands moved quickly over the LCARS screen as he worked. He hadn’t noticed the change in temperature that had suddenly taken hold of the lab. Jethro had tunneled in on his work.

The combadge chime brought him out of his head and the temperature drop drastically became noticeable.

Its freezing in here, when did that happen?

His answer would come in Lieutenant Williams’ following order.

=^=I understand, sir. Leaving Astrometrics, on my way. =^=

Keying out the program on the console, Jethro swiftly left the lab and into the nearest turbo left. “Environmental Controls,” He told the lifts computer and it quickly acceded the desk. When the doors opened, he made his way quickly down the hall. He was hoping to at least to meet the Lieutenant when he arrived outside Environmental Controls.

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

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=^= Rog…This is Cadet Little. Roger and will be there in 3 minutes. Out.” =^= “Aaaa Chooo.” Tom tried hard not to sneeze before pushed the combadge. He was quite sure his quarters set as M class, with slightly lower humidity than usual. The sudden change in the temperature was unexpected. I’m not in the desert anymore, eh? He pinched his face hard to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He grabbed his PADD and a tricorder (practice use for cadet) just in case, went outside, and said, =c= Computer, show me the way to the Environment Controls. =c=

=C= ‘Environmental’ Controls is at Deck 2. Please follow the path shown on display. =C=

Cadet Little (Scientist)

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  • Sarah, CO
    Aaron arrived in front of Environmental Control. His little run would normally make him sweat, but the cold prevent him to do so. At least, it heated me up, he thought. But we won’t last any longer. I hope they’ll arrive quickly !

Waiting for the other members of his team, Aaron took out his tricorder and run a scan at the Environmental Controls’ door, attempting to detect any suspicious life sign or any energy signal.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

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=C= Deck 2. =C= Tom arrived as promised. He followed the route shown from the screens, walked a while, and found the CSO was there and already working on the initial readings. He approached from his back and greeted, “Lieu..tenant Williams, Cadet Little reporting. My or..orders, sir?” He was trembling in attention, slightly glitched with the posture and voice with a shoulder bag. Possibly influenced by the current environment.

Cadet Little (Scientist)

About then the door flung open and a sweating female Klingon stumbled out. “So hot,” she murmured as she pulled off her top exposing the undershirt of her uniform. “That is so hot…”

GM Wombat

!!!! Tom stood back with his jaw open. Which, somehow temporarily raised his internal kelvin. Wait, is she from our department? I thought only we were ordered to be present. She definitely did not sound like Avant, the other hailed cadet. He flapped over the shoulder bag and intentionally said, “…Docter Williams.” he pulled out his anti-flash gear and gave the hood and gloves to the CSO, which implied his expertise was possibly in need. Despite the transition, he hoped his boss still remembered the ABC. Additionally, he requested, =c= Computer, activate the Emergency Medical Hologram. =c=

=E= Please state the nature of the medical emergency. =E=

Cadet Little (Scientist)

Jethro had been waiting patiently by the doors to Environmental Controls, waiting for his orders. He didn’t want jump the job, and possible get charged with breaking the chain of command. When the other Cadet, a Tom Little, arrived he turned to the Lieutenant. “Lieutenant, what is…” A Klingon woman exited the control room.

*Is she sweating, in 0 degree?”

As Little took the time to active the EMH, Jethro walked up to the Klingon. “Ma’am are you ok? Do you need me to comm medical?” He quickly took the time to back into the control room and get a quick glance of it’s condition before turning his attention back to the woman.

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)

Aaron took the anti-flash gear Tom was giving him and started to put on the gloves. “Thank you. But no need to overload the EMH for a single patient”, he said.

Still, even with the unbearable cold, this woman is over sweating, he thought while fixing his gloves. I bet she is infected with some pathogen, but I’ve never seen those symptoms before. Let’s hope it’s not highly contagious.

After the gloves were set, he put the hood on his head. It won’t be as effective as a medical suit, but that will do. Turning his head toward the cadets, he began to give orders: “Jethro, Little, I want both of you to step back. Tom, while you’re at it, contact Sickbay and call a medical team equipped with anti-bacterial suits. Jethro, I want a full biological analysis of this woman. But keep your distances!”

After that, Aaron began to slowly approach the woman, putting his hands in front of him: “Miss, do you hear me ? Do you know what happened to you ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams, Former Doctor back on the road - CSO

“Copy that, sir.” Tom was willing to weigh the system instead of waving more casualties. Since the Chief had made the call, there were no need and time to discuss it further. The audio-only response from the computer did intrigue his frowned face. =c= Computer, abort the last command. =c= As instructed, he backed off about 3 meters measured by the steps and hailed, =^= Sickbay, this is Cadet Little. Emergency call. Location, deck 2, environmental controls. We have a female Klingon, semi-conscious, and sweating. Be advised, possible biohazards. I repeat, possible biohazards. Anti-bacterial suits are recommended. Over. =^=

Somewhat the team has split to point, doc, and radioman, which reminded his old days. He also wondered what kind of ritual this woman was doing inside. Wait, if it’s a ritual, that could be more ‘victims’ inside. Initillay, he wanted to leave the ‘patient’ to the hologram and move on to what he hailed for. It’s going to be a long day.

Cadet Little (Scientist)

Jethro turned his attention from the Klingon to the CSO and nodded, “Yes, sir.” He pulled out the tricorder he was using to help tune the instruments in the astrometircs lab and tune the tool to read the Klingons bio signature.

I’m a Scientist not a Doctor, Lieutenant, Erik’s thoughts rang.

Biology was not his strongest branch of the sciences but he knew enough to read the tricorder.

  • Cadet Erik Jethro Avant (Scientist)
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The scientist stumbled around continuing to get to the lowest level of clothing allowed and still contain some modesty. “What… What are you all doing…” With that she promptly threw up all over the wall.

“Don’t go in there, please… Don’t turn the heat back on… Too hot. Too hot everywhere.”

GM Wombat
After hearing Miya’s last transmission, Aaron came closer to Jethro and Little and whispered to them: “I’ll try to move her from the door. When she’s far enough, I want you two to go inside and change the environmental settings to a normal condition. Lock the door behind you in case she notices it. “

“And don’t forget to take your clothes back, Tom”, he adds with a smile.

Speaking the woman, Aaron said: “You know, why don’t you go with me to Sickbay? We can replicate some ice packs to refresh you.”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

“With due respect, sir…I’ll go.” Tom put his clothes on and nose pointed to the door of the room. “Who knows what else is in there. Besides, I’m feeling weird too.” He turned to the confusing woman and tried some nice words, even in this icy environment.

Cadet Little (Scientist)

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Aaron nodded at Tom, and while he was talking to the woman, the Lieutenant enters the environmental controls.

The controls were damaged but not completely destroyed. It would take a couple of engineering cadets just a couple of hours to get everything repaired and the ship warming again.

GM Wombat

Even though Aaron was not an expert, he knew he couldn’t use them right now. He tried to press some commands just to be sure, but as he guessed he couldn’t change the environmental settings. It was probably the woman they met who destroyed the control to prevent the ship from warming up again. He pressed his comm-badge and says :

=^= Williams to the Bridge. Captain, the Environmental Control were damaged by an ill officer, one of the virus victims. We’ll need an engineering team to repair it before we could change back the environmental setting.=^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

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