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Posted Dec. 3, 2021, 12:37 p.m. by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) (S. Kimmel)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim- EPS Systems with Cadet Hobbes

Posted by Cadet Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Engineer) in Main Sim- EPS Systems with Cadet Hobbes

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim- EPS Systems with Cadet Hobbes

Thinking for a moment on their current situation, Dael crossed his arms and began rubbing his chin. It was a quirk he had never quite gotten rid of when having to focus his thoughts. He always assumed the tactile sense him to filter all the other things around him, including other minds, to think only on the problem and the automatic motion. Or he could just have a nervous tick and that was that, he also knew he had a tendency to over-analyze things.

“Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to go on the assumption the medical and security teams are handling the cargo bay efficiently.” he began, his tone a little more monotonous as if reading off a list. Which he was, fitting that picture in his mind as he organized the information around him and paced slightly, chin still in hand. “And that our team isolated there are in no capacity to function until we get the clear from Sickbay. But we should keep our ears out in case they need help with it in a hurry.” The Betazoid shivered a bit, and noted the cold again. “Ask the Commander if he’s assigned anyone to figure out why our environmental controls seem to be not up to par. With all the excitement in Engineering we haven’t had a chance to try and look into that. Otherwise our best bet at an assessment of ship’s systems and our current status would be Main Engineering, making sure we’re back in shape after the brawl and we can support the ship better from there, barring any other situation that we might come across.”

He finally looked up at Katie and brought her and his surroundings back into focus. “That’s what I’m seeing right now as our priorities if the Bridge is still implementing some form of quarantine.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

=^= Cadet, the situation if you need more time on next steps, let me know. I need to get back to monitoring the situation with the infected crew members. You can contact me when you are ready. =^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO (crosspost)

=^= Sorry. Sorry Commander. Our main concerns is the status of the environmental control systems. In our isolated location, neither Lt Stadi nor I know what the status of that system or any diagnostics or repair efforts on that. Probably the best location to check on those issues and to assess the status of Engineering would be in the Engineering compartments. =^=

Katie glanced over at Dael. She thought about trying to hide her nervousness at talking with the XO but since Dael was a Betazoid there was probably no point in that. She covered her communicator with her hand and whispered to the Chief Engineer. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk with him? “

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineer

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Dael could feel the waves of stress and nerves coming across the thought-scape around him from his cadet, a feeling he had been all to familiar with coming from himself when he was in the same spot. He tried hiding the smile he had when Katie addressed him with her whisper. He wasn’t one to find amusement by putting people in awkward, nerve-wracking situations, it was the fact that she seemed to have a good handle on things for someone thrown in the deep-end and her not seeing it.

“No, you’re doing fine. That’s exactly what they need to know. And don’t worry so much, Hobbes, if it gets to that point, I’ll take the lead. This is what the Challenger‘s all about, you can’t learn how to report to and problem solve for a bridge officer in a crisis from an Academy textbook.” he whispered back to her. Though it would have made life a lot easier for us spanner-heads if you could. he thought privately.

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

=^= Then I recommend relocating so that those efforts may begin. We can coordinate a site to site transport from the bridge if needed. =^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO (crosspost)

=^= “Understood,” Katie said and glanced at Lt. Stadi for confirmation… or at least a lack of correction. “Lt. Stadi and I will be relocating to Main Engineering to assess the damage there and begin appropriate repairs. Cadet Hobbes, Out.”

Katie took a deep breath. At a minimum she had survived communications with the Commander and, apparently, wasn’t on the verge of being reprimanded by the Lieutenant.

“It occurs to me that if we don’t know the nature of this ‘pathogen’ and how it is transmitted… and we’re heading into an area where we know several individuals were ‘infected’ that it would probably be a wise idea to wear full environmental protection suits when we go there,” Katie said. “What do you think?”

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineer

“Good job on the comm, Hobbes. I know it’s never easy having to talk to the brass of the ship, especially during this kind of situation, but the more you do it, the less of a problem it is.” Dael said as Katie ended her communications.

Dael did shuffle a little uneasily at the mention of the environmental protection suits. He hated wearing those suits. He wasn’t claustrophobic, spend enough time in a Jeffries Tube and you get fine with tight spaces. He just didn’t care much for the added layers they added to his movement. Maybe that did mean he was a little claustrophobic. Eh, what did he know, he was an engineer not a psychiatrist. But the cadet had a point.

“Fair enough, Cadet. It’s probably best to exercise some caution, no matter how uncomfortable that may be. Until we hear otherwise we don’t know how this.... whatever it is gets transmitted. So far we’ve just gotten lucky not to fall for it. Just outside the Engineering deck there should be some environmental suits in case anything happens, like a core leak that requires extra protection. Have them do a site to site transport for us there, and we’ll be ready to hopefully start taking control of this mess.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

The transporter beam shimmered as Stadi and Hobbes materialized into existence next to the environmental suit storage unit. Katherine glanced at her superior for a second before turning and entering the unit. It only took a few minutes for her to locate a suit her size and to begin putting it on. She smiled to herself. Though she had no ability to read minds like Stadi, she could tell that he was not a big fan of the suits. Neither was she really, but she had spent enough time working in sanitary waste treatment facilities to appreciate their unique value to an engineer. Katie closed the wrist clasp on her suit and powered on the suit. A quick check of the instrumentation confirmed that all systems were nominal.

“I’m ready, Lieutenant,” she said noting that he had just finished. “Shall we see how bad things are… were in engineering?”

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineer

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Dael let out a deep breath before starting to put on the dreaded enviro suits. Making sure all the clasps were snug and in place, he took a few more deep breaths before steeling himself and adding the final piece, the helmet, to fully seal himself in. He looked over at the cadet, noting some amusement on the waves of the mindscape washing over him from her. Admittedly, these suits did make one look a little odd, and he supposed he wasn’t being the best at concealing his feelings towards them. But find him anyone who actually enjoyed spending time in one of these things, and Dael would show you someone needing a trip to Sickbay to look for head trauma.

“Alright Cadet, let’s see what we’ve got.” Dael said, before making his way towards the actual Engineering deck itself from the enviro-suit storage area. Before leaving the room, he accessed the panel near the door and began a level 3 decontamination cycle for Engineering. Most of their team was either afflicted by whatever was going on, or standing next to the Betazoid, and he wasn’t wanting to take any chances, suits on or no. That should help filter out the worst of whatever this could be, should it fall under the parameters of the decon. He hoped they would, but if not, that’s what the suits were for. He still disliked not knowing the exact cause of all of this mayhem on his ship.

Walking into Engineering proper, he took up a position in front of the main console. “Alright, I’m checking to make sure there’s no other systems affected and all of Engineering systems are good. See what you can find out about the environmental systems, Hobbes, and why the ship’s decided to start making everything feel like the surface of Andoria.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

Cluttered was the second word that came to Katie’s mind as she made her way to the environmental systems control station. There was… stuff… scattered everywhere. Torn pieces of uniforms here and there. Tools that had splashes of thick red liquid… that one had green liquid… on it that she decided must have been blood. She passed a panel that had clearly lost an argument with something blunt and heavy. The damage she saw was superficial but she knew no self respecting Star Fleet officer would let it go unrepaired in any circumstances that didn’t qualify as an emergency.

What she first noticed was that she didn’t see anyone else except Stadi. The chief had transported many to the now gravity free storage compartment but she hadn’t expected him to transport everyone out of Engineering. Perhaps she had simply neglected to ask him.

She shook her head. “Focus on the job, Katherine,” she thought. And a moment later she knew why the compartment felt “like surface of Andoria” whatever that meant. She was far enough from the lieutenant to mandate using the communicator.

=^= Hobbes to Stadi. The environmental systems control console looks like it was the center of a fight using bat’leths. Repairing this is going to take some time, sir.=^=

=/\= Cadet Katherine Hobbes, Engineer

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