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Posted Dec. 6, 2021, 10:18 p.m. by Cadet Kalos Onovren (Engineer) (Mason Marcy)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ven Miya (Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Kalos Onovren Physical evaluation

Posted by Cadet Kalos Onovren (Engineer) in Side Sim - Kalos Onovren Physical evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ven Miya (Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Kalos Onovren Physical evaluation
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The biobed started making its usual sounds as Kalos laid down, “The challenger seems like a good ship, I think I could come to like it here. I just feel so…” He was struggling to find words for a concept he would normally share telepathically. “I guess the best way to describe it would be green, if that makes any sense? But I definitely am looking forward to working with lieutenant Stadi, he is a very smart, very talented engineer.”

(OOC: Kalos has a long scar on the back of his leg starting just above his knee and going most of the way down to his ankle. However, It doesn’t seem to be affecting his walking. whatever it is it doesn’t show up on any of Kalos medical records. Also, sorry for the late reply I took a break to spend time with my family over thanksgiving break.)

-Cadet Kalos Onovren, Engineer

(OOC: no need to apologise! Real life comes first - I hope you had a lovely time with your family. And thanks for the information about Kalos’ scar; Miya is going to pick up on that so it’ll give us something more to discuss. Feel free to react to her thoughts, too - I’ve added in a couple of moments when you could pick up on her emotions, if you want to do that!)

Miya had one ear on the cadet’s reply, one eye on the data beginning to scroll across her PADD and the biobed’s screen. She grinned at the “green” comment. “It does make sense, once you’ve experienced Earth culture at the Academy. When one of the upperclassmen said I was a green cadet, I thought they meant I came from Orion until someone explained the meaning to me!” She shook her head at the memory, her amusement coming across clearly in her thoughts. “I’m sure you’ll settle in quickly enough, once Lieutenant Stadi puts you to work. But remember, if you feel homesick or uncertain in any way, the counsellor is there to help you. Have you had your check-in with the counsellor yet?”

A soft beep drew her attention to the biobed’s screen, which had identified a long scar on the back of the Betazoid’s knee. It travelled most of the way down to his ankle, but according to the medical data in her files, it didn’t seem to affect the cadet’s mobility. “That’s a nasty scar on your leg,” she observed, tracing it along the biobed’s screen with one finger. “How did that happen? Does it cause you any problems with walking or other movement?” The amusement had gone now from her emotions; she was focused on the cadet’s response. Although the data said one thing, the patient might say something completely different. A careful doctor always checked.

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[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

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Kalos smiled, sharing the lieutenants amusement, “I have not had the chance to meet the counselor yet, but I hope to get to that once I am done here.” Kalos knew instantly what the tone on the biobed was telling the doctor, and that he would have to explain himself. “I used to be a part of the design board for the Far Star Class Development Project. I was the head of the space frame design team and represented them on the board My team was like family, we had all put everything we had into that project. Anyways, we were joining a fairly large spaceframe component in the nacelle pylon. I volunteered to oversee the operation on site, but, Jack, the transporter operator had miscalculated the beam-in site and the component ended up a quarter inch starboard of where it was supposed to be. His miscalculation punctured the plasma conduit as well as severing several electrical lines causing an explosion. Fortunately the explosion was in the fore compartment and I was in the aft. But the blast was forceful enough to send shrapnel to the aft where I was. A small piece of shrapnel sliced the back of my leg and punctured a biomemetic gel pack covering me in gel. The gel caused the dermal regenerator to malfunction and left me with a scar, but it has no impact on my movement and it never hurts. Its not in any of my records though, I didn’t want Jack to loose his position on the team. I didn’t want him to be held responsible because there was also a miscalibration in the transporter which acted as a scale factor causing what would have been an acceptable margin of error to become dangerous. Thus I never reported the incident and it never ended up on any official Starfleet records. Hopefully that explains everything for you.” Kalos watched the doctor intently, hoping she would understand.

-Ensign Kalos Onovren, engineer

Miya nodded as the cadet explained how he’d been injured, keeping one eye on the rest of the results which were scrolling across the biobed’s screen. She had a certain amount of sympathy for his story - teammates who worked closely together often did become like family; she had felt the same bond with her fellow prylars at their abbey on Bajor. Miya had to fight a surge of emotion as she thought about her friends: occasionally, just occasionally, she felt every klick of her distance from Bajor.

She pulled her attention back to Onovren. “It does explain what happened - thank you for your honesty, Cadet. But it might be better to add at least some of that information to your records, if only to stop you having to go through the same explanation every time you join a new starship!” She offered him a wry smile. “I’m sure you could develop a report which covers the broad spectrum without going into all the details. In the meantime, if you wish, we could look at the scar to see if dermal regeneration might be possible now. Your leg might not hurt at the moment, but scar tissue can slowly develop into keloids that might impair movement in time.”

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[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

“You know you dont need to try to suppress those feelings. While I agree, maybe you don’t want the whole world to see them, remember…” Kalos tapped his head and gave Miya a warm smile. “If it means anything to you, I know how that feels, at least a little. My entire family is home on Batezed.” Kalos’s smile was replaced by a distant, puzzled look as he was reminded of his mysterious new betazoid friend, Nerira. Suddenly remembering what he was doing he started “Anyways, I’m afraid I dont speak medical, but I assume Keloids are not something good?”

-Ensign Kalos Onovren, Engineer

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