Counselors office - Cadet Bingham check in

Posted Jan. 11, 2022, 11:55 p.m. by Cadet Roger Bingham (Security Officer) (Aqiul Colombowala)

Roger could feel the warmth of the coffee settling in nicely. He felt good not only because of the coffee but also because his first meeting with his CO went pretty well. He felt ready to ‘take on the galaxy’ as it may be. Or this could just be the caffeine talking, he thought.

Anyway, time to focus, there were still people to meet before he was cleared for duty. He looked at his PADD and decided to visit the Counselor next. The ship’s counselor was Vanessa Lofton, as his CO had mentioned. He looked for directions to her office on his PADD; got up from his table with his cup and returned the mug to the replicator. He made his way through the ship, pausing at the windows briefly to mostly gape at the breathtaking sights. Several other cadets passed by him along the way and by some mutual understanding, Roger and the other cadets nodded at each other, probably in recognition of the fact that ‘We’re all here and we will work together’. Even though Roger didn’t know their names yet, he would soon familiarize himself with the rest of the crew as much as he could.

He reached the Counselor’s office door and pressed the proverbial doorbell button and waited to be called inside.

~~Cadet Roger Bingham - Security Officer

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