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“Please, take a seat. How’ve you been finding the Challenger so far?” said Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier, his CO. Later, Roger would recall this moment and run down all the dozens of answers that came to his mind about how amazing Challenger was and how lucky he was to be there. In normal space-time though, he said, “She’s an amazing ship. I have never been on a Discovery-class starship before this and I don’t think I was mentally prepared for how great she looks. I was stuck to the window on approach in the shuttle. You don’t often get to see the ship you are posted on from the outside and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity! “

Roger almost forgot to sit. He moved towards the left chair and took a seat and said, “Thank you sir.”

~ Cadet Roger Bingham - Security

Henry smiled at the Cadet’s enthusiasm. “Right you are. I don’t believe I’ve seen her from the outside since my posting, though I’ve certainly gotten to know plenty of nooks and crannies in the ship itself - she is a beauty.” He paused to take a sip from a cup sitting to his right - some unknown clear liquid.

“Now, I must first ask. What made you decide to join Starfleet?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

Roger had often thought of this and it really wasn’t something he ever doubted. While he didn’t think his need felt like a purpose, he hoped it would give him one.

He looked over at his CO, drinking what he assumed was coffee, “I feel…I guess you could say that I feel a pull of the black. I’ve always wanted to be in space, on a starship or a station or somewhere, as long as it was in space. Joining the Academy was just a way to realize what I wanted to do in Starfleet, but I always wanted to be in Starfleet and out in space.”

~ Cadet Roger Bingham - Security

“A pull of the black…” he trailed off, then after a moment he snapped his eyes back to Bingham. “That has to be one of the more honest answers I’ve heard. I think we all feel that, in a way, though not many can articulate as well as you.” His lips went up on one side in something in between a smile and an acknowledgment of some form of… well, something.

“I’m glad to hear the Fleet’s been a goal of yours, and I have to say I’m glad. I don’t normally like to go by what’s in these things,” here the Chief gestured to Roger’s file, still open on his PADD, “but some of your tactical decisions caught my eye. So, why did you choose security? Was it just what you seemed best suited for?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

Roger thought over the question for a moment and answered, “The instructors at the Academy probably saw something that I didn’t see in myself. There was this one instructor who kept giving me drills on beachhead scenarios and hostage negotiations and gave me help on understanding certain aspects of Security. It was only much later that they told me that the reason for all this help was because they saw a potential in me to become an excellent Security officer. Looking back, I realized that I was performing well in this area compared to others.”

Roger paused for a moment and said, “I hope you don’t feel like I don’t want to be here or do this, I absolutely do. It took someone else to shine a light for me to understand my path but I wholeheartedly accepted it and made it my own. I hope to prove this to you as well over the coming months.”

~Cadet Roger Bingham - Security
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Henry replied, “Somewhat unusual, instructors taking such a special interest like that. But it seems to have worked out.” A pause, and a look of thoughtfulness. ” Funny, how often one’s path seems to reveal itself of its own accord. I found that in my own Academy experience as well. I absolutely understand what you mean - just because your career chose you doesn’t mean it’s not your own.” He truly did understand, and in fact what stood out the most to the Chief at that moment was how much of himself he saw in Bingham.

Rodier took another sip from the cup sitting on his table. “Which brings me to this: where do you see yourself in five years?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

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That was an interesting question, where did he want to be in five years? Should he be ambitious? He clearly had not thought of this before and in hindsight he definitely should have. Roger composed himself preparing to answer.

“I would love to see myself serving on a front line ship or a deep space station, maybe with a few promotions as well.” he said. Pondering over his answer, he felt happy with it. It would be amazing to be out there, serving as a security officer on a ship going to an important mission or something similar.

~Cadet Roger Bingham - Security Officer

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A small smile crossed Henry’s face. “Well, unless your file’s wildly off the mark, I think you have a pretty good chance at that.” He glanced at the clock hanging near his office’s door. “I also don’t believe I have any more specific questions for you. Are there any you have for me? Anything in particular you’d like to know or work on? I’m a mostly open book.”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

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IC: “Thank you sir, it means a lot coming from you. I hope I can impress you with my performance here.” said Roger. He felt his first meeting with his CO went well and looked foward to working with him. Roger was visibly excited to start.

“I don’t have any questions sir, I’m happy to be here and get started with my duty assignments. I am scheduled to go through my medical and counselor check ups later today as well.” he added. He was looking forward to getting a clean bill of health from his checkups so he could quickly get assigned to duties.

“It was a pleasure meeting you sir.”

~~Cadet Roger Bingham - Security Officer

“You as well, Cadet,” Henry replied, standing to shake Roger’s hand. “If you ever have any questions, my door’s always open. And say hi to Counselor Lofton for me.”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

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“I appreciate it sir and I will pass along your message to Counselor Lofton.” said Roger as he stood up and shook Henry’s hand. He exited his CO’s office and wondered if he should directly head to the medical bay. Then he thought better of it and vocalized internally, “Not before 2 cups of coffee go down my system”, as he started making his way towards the mess hall.

The doctor could wait another 15 minutes.

~~Cadet Roger Bingham - Security Officer

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~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

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