Side Sim - Kalos Onovren Physical evaluation

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“Well I don’t see any reason not to just deal with it now, unless of course it’s not something you can do quickly. Why can’t you return to Bajor this year? From what I’ve heard Starfleet is very understanding about situations like these.”

-Cadet Kalos Onovren, Engineer

She turned away to the equipment rack, not wanting him to see the sudden sheen of tears. “I could do the procedure now, yes. It won’t take long.” By the time Miya returned, dermal regenerator in hand, she had regained her composure. “You’ll need to uncover the area with the scar - it’s better if I see it directly, so I can be sure the skin is regenerating successfully. Either pull up your trouser leg or remove them, whatever’s easiest; you can cover yourself with this.” Miya held out a blanket as she triggered the privacy screen which would allow the cadet to disrobe. As he was preparing, she answered the second part of his question, keeping her face turned away.

“As for why I can’t attend the Time of Cleansing .... to be honest, I haven’t asked. I’ve only recently taken over from the previous Chief Medical Officer and I don’t want to seem as if I’m … well, eager to take leave when I’ve just been promoted.” She shook her head, thinking about everything that had happened recently. “The Prophets will understand. I’m sure they will.” Pulling her thoughts back to the moment, she pasted on a professional smile. “So - are you ready? This won’t hurt at all, though it might feel a bit ticklish.”

[Lieutenant JG Ven Miya, CMO]

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Miya was right, it was a bit ticklish. He could feel the dermal regenerator doing something and guessed that it was working since the doctor continued to work. “I am sure that captain Jacobs would understand. Seeing that this is a spiritual time for all Bajorans. I suspect she has a fair number of requests from Bajorans serving in various capacities throughout the ship.” As Miya finished, Kalos sat up and continued, “I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? All she can do is say no.”

-Cadet Kalos Onovren, Engineer

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“Excuse me Doctor?” Nurse Barker said stepping up to the bed where Kalos was sitting. “They need you over at bed 5 for a second opinion on a cadets injury.”

As Miya headed over to the biobed, Barker picked up a tricorder and started reviewing the work Miya had just finished.

“Sorry for that, I guess that is one of the hazards of being the Chief around here. But was there anything else you needed today before we get you out of here?”

NE Nurse Barker

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Pulling his pant leg back down once Nurse Barker had finished, Kalos responded, “No, I dont think there’s anything else I need, other than a clean bill of health.”

-Cadet Kalos Onovren, Engineer

Closing the tricorder, Barker looked up at the Cadet. “Then you are good to go, one clean bill of health. Good luck here on the Challenger Cadet.”

NE Nurse Barker

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