Side Simm - Staff Meeting (All DH’s)

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With the last mission finally wrapped up, and cadets starting to rotate in and out, Aaron figured it was the perfect chance to sit down with all of the Department Heads. Check if there was anything they needed, and just in general make sure they were taken care of. And there was no better time then the present.

Reaching up, Aaron tapped his commbadge. =^= Foley to all Department Heads. Please report to the briefing room in 1630. Thank you. =^=

Looking up at the clock, that gave all of the department heads about 30 minutes to wrap up whatever projects they were working on at the end of their shift, before heading up to the briefing room. For Aaron that meant he had just enough time to grab a cup of coffee before heading over.

Cmdr. Foley - XO

Henry received the message, glanced at the clock on the wall nearest him, and sighed. Of all days to finish early, he thought. And not only finish early, but grab the longest dinner you can find. For, in fact, he was currently sitting in one of the Challenger’s common rooms, about halfway through a pomegranate salad. This particular common room also happened to be nearly within sight of the briefing room, since it was primarily for officers. And with - he glanced again at the clock - 29 minutes until his reporting time and other officers beginning to enter off-shift, all of them vying for his seat, he wasn’t sure exactly what to do.

Because, you see, Henry Rodier’s quarters were (much to his annoyance) located in the Crew Quarters section of the ship - he still hadn’t figured out if this was a clerical error or some procedural thing regarding his rapid promotion, but he hadn’t yet gotten around to bringing it up to the XO or Captain. That meant that returning to his quarters would require him to go all the way down to Deck 9, which he knew took about 7 and a half minutes total. Going back to his office on Deck 7, meanwhile, would take a solid 6 minutes. And with - he glanced down, evaluating his meal - about 12 minutes of salad left, that left him with… sigh.

Henry’s specialty was coming up with efficient solutions, and he knew he was pretty damn good at it. But every so often, being “good at it” meant he knew that neither a 15 minute or 12 minute round trip was worth it out of a total of 16 minutes.

And so it came to be that Chief of Security Henry Rodier spent 16 minutes standing awkwardly just down the hall from the briefing room, trying his best to be inconspicuous and cursing his time management skills.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

“Rings of Betazed!” Dael cried out holding his head where he had hit it. He’d been neck deep in an EPS conduit inside one of the Challenger’s many Jefferie’s tubes when his commbadge had gone off. He had been so focused on his work, easily tuning out the rest of the world that the chirping of his badge had startled him into introducing his head to the low bulkhead. Normally that kind of focus was something he enjoyed, allowing him to even filter out the constant barrage of thoughts and feelings life on a starship could bring for a telepath. Rubbing his head, he was realizing it wasn’t always a benefit.

A few moments later and with the preventative maintenance complete, he replaced the panel and shuffled out to the tube’s access hatch. In the deck’s hallway, he checked the chronometer on a nearby panel and found he had still had enough time to make it to the Commander’s meeting. He rolled his uniform sleeves back down, not exactly clean and crisp but it’d have to do, picked his toolkit from off the ground and made his way to the nearest turbolift.

Exiting the lift, Dael made his way to the briefing room and found the ship’s Chief of Security just outside the door. “Evening, Lieutenant, everything going well in security I hope? You’ll be happy to know I’ve made a point to make it clear to my staff that virus or no, my Engineering deck isn’t a fight club. Should hopefully help in the future.” he said with a grin as he made his way into the briefing room and sitting down.

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE
Henry responded with a wide smile - normally he wasn’t prone to laughing at potentially injuring violence, but seeing as nothing significant had resulted from this case (and that the Lieutenant wasn’t a prude), he made an exception.
Aaron was at the Biolab when his commbadge chirped, finalizing the last detail about the new vaccine to the virus that almost took down the entire crew, validating the research papers, and running the last tests. So far, Aaron was quite proud of the result, and he was thinking about giving a name for the vaccine. But his thoughts were interrupted with the XO orders.
He quickly informed his staff about the reunion at the briefing room, traded his protective glasses for his normal ones, and leaves the lab.

The briefing room was just a deck above the laboratory, and Aaron was there in a moment. The first thing he saw was Rodier waiting outside the room, standing next to the doors. Aaron couldn’t help but feel impressed by the Lieutenant’s presence, almost intimidated.

He nodded at him as he approached him with a smile: “Good to see you, Lieutenant! Has anyone shown up yet ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams
After Dael entered the briefing room, Rodier slowly began to turn as if to follow, stopping his movement when he heard Williams. “You as well! You just missed Stadi - not sure who else we’re expecting, but I was just heading in.” Indeed, the Chief resumed his forward motion, heading to the door.
Aaron had his feet up on the briefing room table waiting for the department heads to arrive, when he heard mumbling on the other side of the door, right before the door opened and Lt Stadi walked in.

“Something interesting going on in the hallway?”

“Just some catching up between department leads without any dire events being the cause, rare enough sometimes on this ship.” Dael responded mirthfully from his spot in the briefing room. “I’m guessing that’s part of why this meeting’s been set up?” He recalled having crossed paths with the newer XO professionally, since that was the nature of being in charge of Engineering, but hadn’t spent much time getting to know him. To be fair though, he hadn’t spent much time getting to know the rest of the crew much outside his staff, most of the time he’d prefer fixing a relay in a panel or aligning the warp core. That might be something he should look into fixing, he realized.

Reaching forward Aaron picked up his cup off of the table and took a sip.

Cmdr. Foley - XO

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~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS
“Well, let’s not keep him waiting, uh ?”, Aaron replied. He let Rodier past the doors and follows him. Inside of the briefing room was Stadi, as he expected, and also Foley, with a cup of coffee in the hand. Since Rodier didn’t see him, I guess he was waiting in here for a moment, thought the Lieutenant. He noticed he wasn’t the last, since Vanessa was the one absent, but he guessed she was maybe in a session.

Aaron noticed he was looking forward to meeting Vanessa again. After all, she was the counselor who did his psychological eval when he first arrived. It was like… randomly seeing a teacher after a long time, without expecting him. I guess I could have a small talk with her later, he thought with a smile

While he sat in a chair, Aaron smiled toward the others officers and greeted them: “Commander. Lieutenant.”

“Lieutenant.” Dael said, nodding towards the Science head in greeting.

“I just keep seeing their face,” NE Carmichael said, fingers laced and knuckles white as he alternately squeezed and relaxed his hands, leg bouncing. “Every time I close my eyes, I see the horror, the fear, that I put put there.” He squeezed his eyes shut, then a shudder rolled through his body.

The effects of the recent virus had kept Vanessa’s hands full since she returned. “It wasn’t your fault,” she told Carmichael softly. “And they weren’t injured. No one - ” The beep of the computer and the XO’s message interrupted her. She sighed and pressed a button on the PADD beside her, acknowledging the summons, but alerting Commander Foley that she would be late; this session ended at 1630.

“No one was permanently injured,” she finished. “And we’re going to help you get back the confidence in yourself you had before. Now, you told me you met with NLt. B’nark. Tell me how that went,” she smiled to him.

As their session wound to a close, she flicked through his medical records. “We will continue weekly sessions, and… I will prescribe a daily dose of metadiazopram at the end of your shift. Sickbay will administer it for you.” She sent off the order for the anxiety medication to the ship’s doctors and then stood, brilliant smile again gracing her face. “You’re already doing well, Matt. I’ll see you next week, okay?”

She ushered him out the door, turning the opposite way to attend to the meeting, checking her bun as she walked. She was, as expected, a few minutes late when the doors swished open for her. “Sorry,” she apologized, “some of us have actual schedules to keep.” She flashed a grin at the XO as she sat, glancing at the faces around the table. She hadn’t seen any of them since she returned yet, but she knew all of them - though Lieutenant Williams had just been promoted when she left. She nodded at each of them before she shifted her focus back to the Commander.

CNS Lofton
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Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

“I thought I felt some familiar waves up here.” Dael motioned to his temple. “Thought it was just some nostalgia creeping in, it’s good to see you again Commander Lofton.” He was trying his best to genial and open to his fellow senior staff, but it was still felt out of place. He hoped it didn’t come off as odd as he felt. Other than being too straightforward and honest at times, the extroverted openness that his fellow Betazoids seemed to come to naturally wasn’t exactly his “cup of tea”, as the human expression went.

-Lt jg Dael Stadi, CE

Vanessa laughed at the engineer, turning to him with a smile. “Good to see you too, Lieutenant Stadi,” she returned his greeting. She watched him closely; he didn’t seem the nearly the nervous cadet she had seen so long ago (yet so recently!). “It’s good to see everyone,” she added, moving the brilliant smile across the table. She folded her hands, waiting for the Commander to continue, softly tapping one lacquered thumb nail on the other.

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CNS Lofton

Aaron laughed at Lofton’s comment. “Well I’ll try not to keep you from your very busy schedule for to long then,” he said with a grin.

Swinging his feet off the table, he sat up and placed his mug on the table.

“Since we’ve had some downtime on the way to our next assignment, I wanted to take the opportunity to get us together. See how all of your departments are doing, if there are any lingering items that need to be cleared up. Questions, comments, concerns, all those sort of general things. So who wants to go first?”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

A couple moments of silence passed before Henry sighed and brought himself up to his full sitting height. “We’ve been doing pretty well. The new cadets seem to be doing well, though we won’t know for sure until our next mission.” He paused, considering his wording carefully. “I have one in particular who’s command-focused, I’d like to get him some space-based experience.”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - CoS

“Thank you Lieutenant. Pass his information along and we can see about getting him some extra training before he rotates off of the Challenger. How about the rest of the ships crew? I know we have a much higher turnover then most ships, but how does the rest of the ship stand in readiness?”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

Dael watched the security chief speak up resting his hand against his temple. He was glad to not be the first one to break the silence. Sure he was in a command position now on the ship, but that still didn’t mean he was a fan of speaking in front of everyone. At least, not to go first. Hearing the prompt from the Commander, he spoke up.
“Well, the Engineering department is doing well, even after the altercation that happened during the outbreak. We’ve managed to get everything back to standards, working on getting them back to my standards. We lost a good member of the team with Cadet Hobbes graduating, but I have a good feeling about our new transfers. We’ll see when we get our next assignment, but I trust they’ll prove me right.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

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