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“What will the Meclizine do? What happens if I pass out?” Albert said, his eyes widening. He couldn’t do more than fall over and hang there given, well, the rest of him was missing.

“Meclizine is used to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. It may also be used to reduce dizziness and loss of balance, also known as vertigo, sir.”

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

“Brin, do you remember anything unusual that happened before everything popped off?” Dawes called to the cadet.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Cadet Baptiste was relieved, Finally someone was acting responsible and securing and investigating that damn crate. he thought. He hit his com badge =^=Bridge what is the ETA on the Hazmat and Medical teams? Ensign Morton’s symptoms appear to be increasing, he is complaining of dizziness, I am about to provide him with a hypo of Meclizine. =^= With that Cadet Baptiste reached into the emergency med kit to draw up a hypo of Meclizine.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Brin frowned, trying to recall. The smell of rotting strawberries was still pervasive but starting to dissipate, so she pushed it out of her mind and thought hard. “Not really. I felt a little dizzy right before the blast but that was after I watched the bottle hit his foot.”

P’Mala stored that thought away. Dizzy, she thought, trying to glean all the information she could from Brin Hedley, who still seemed a little disoriented.

The crate in question was wooden (in sharp contrast to the sturdy containers in the rest of the cargo bay) and had a handle rising from the middle. There were open sections with five bottles, and one empty one where Brin had pulled the bottle from. She eyed it warily but also with great curiosity. “I thought it was just some senior officer stashing booze somewhere. You know how things go.”

P’Mala nodded–senior staff usually had at least one booze hound or someone who couldn’t stand the synthohol popular with the Federation.

She looked over the crate. No evidence of a shipping tag (unless she was missing something). P’Mala took out her tricorder and began scanning as Brin approached the thing.

She kept her distance but crouched down, tilting her head back and forth. “Do you think any of the others have… whatever that was, in them?” There was no obvious liquid lines that she could see but that didn’t mean much given the bottles were a very dark brown and the goo had been dark as well.

~Mischief Maker

“It’s very possible,” P’Mala said. Her tricorder was still scanning. “That, or something else–either way is no good to me. Maybe we can figure out what’s going on here before senior staff shows up.”

She attempted a half smile.

“Johnathan,” she called. “I think we found it.”

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Cadet Baptiste, still drawing up the hypo of Meclizine asked “Any kind of markings on that crate? What kind of readings you getting from it?” Hypo drawn up he asked Ensign Morton “Well sir, want to take this hypo? It should help with the dizziness and nausea. You can trust me, after all I am a Star Fleet Academy trained Doctor” he said with a smile.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

=^= Hazmat team is 2 minutes out cadet,=^= came back through Cadet Baptiste’s commbadge.

As if on cue a team of 4 came jogging into the cargo bay, dressed in their special EV suits. Another team was back at the doors to the cargo bay setting up a secondary air lock around the entrance. As the team spread out, one came running over towards the cadets.

=^= Understood sir. =^= As if on cue the team came running through the bay doors. =^= The team has arrived, bridge.=^= Cadet Baptiste informed the bridge.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

“Alright, what exactly happened cadets?”

NE Clean

P’Mala Dawes pointed toward Baptiste and Ensign Morton. “We have an emergency situation over there. Glass bottle burst… Morton, just look at him. Tachyon radiation, a rotting smell.”

She felt a little panic in her chest. “Some of us have symptoms of concussion. But we think we’ve located–we’re 99% sure we’ve located where the bottles came from.”

Now that help had arrived, she felt herself slipping. Like she could use some care herself. But she had to maintain decorum. She wasn’t just some medical student anymore. She straightened herself. The tricorder in her hand blooped.

“I’ve been scanning the crate for any information. I think the other cadets may have a better time explaining things right now,” she said, apologetically. “I hit my head pretty hard.”

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Cadet Baptiste took a second to calm himself, before replying to NE Clean. “Sir, a bottle of unknown substance broke against Ensign Morton’s foot, releasing a black substance and causing an explosion. Cadet Dawes, NE Hedley and myself were thrown back, I believe Cadet Dawes hit her head against the deck. Cadet Lenwa ordered the Cargo Bay personnel to evacuate. I administered a hypo of Xylocaine to Cadet Dawes to relieve her pain. We stayed behind to monitor the situation and help Ensign Morton as best we could, since Cadet Dawes and myself are doctors. I administered one dose each of Chronexline and Hyronalin to Ensign Morton and NE Hedley. Provided Ensign Morton a hypo of Chronexline and Hyronalin, which he self administered to himself. Offered Cadet Dawes a hypo of Chronexline and Hyronalin. I self administered a hypo of Adrenaline and Meclizine to myself and was just about to provide a hypo of Meclizine to Ensign Morton as he is complaining of dizziness.” With that Cadet Baptiste took a moment to catch his breath and go over any facts he may have missed. “Ensign Morton has reported the smell of rotting strawberries and the cargo bay is being flooded with tetryon radiation, and well you see the condition of Ensign Morton.” Cadet Baptiste finished his report “What are your orders sir?” He asked.

Of the bottles in the crate (the one next to the empty spot), only one seemed to be filled with anything. The readings were hard to decipher with a medical tricorder, but with better scanners, someone might be able to learn more.

Cadet Hedley was staring at the bottle, unblinking. “It was just a game…” she whispered.

Meanwhile, Morton seemed to be still upright, but was becoming less coherent. “Space… time… what is this I’m trapped in?”

~Mischief Maker

“Try and relax, sir” Cadet Baptiste said to Ensign Morton. Turning to NE Clean “Should I provide Ensign Morton with the hypo of Meclizine that I drew up to Ensign Morton, sir?”
He then turned back to Ensign Morton “Just relax sir the Hazmat teams and medical teams are here. I am sure we will figure this mess out soon and get things back to normal.” he said in a reassuring tone and smile to Ensign Morton.
Again, he turned back to NE Clean “So what are your orders sir? Should I give the Hypo?” he queried.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

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