CSO’s Office - Cadet Krieger Reporting In

Posted May 16, 2022, 4:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Cadet Laren Krieger (Scientist) in CSO’s Office - Cadet Krieger Reporting In

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Williams (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office - Cadet Krieger Reporting In

Posted by Cadet Laren Krieger (Scientist) in CSO’s Office - Cadet Krieger Reporting In
As his vision regained focus he straightened his uniform with a firm tug and stepped off of the transporter pad. Picking up his small case with his few personal belongings , Laren Krieger made his way to the turbo lift and stepped inside. Running his free hand through his short brown hair he told the computer his destination and felt a light pressure of moving as the lift engaged.

Studying starship designs was a hobby of his despite his vocation as scientist instead of engineer and he had made sure to make a good impression by looking over the schematics of the Discovery class in fine detail.

Stepping out of the turbo lift once more he made his way to his department head’s office at a steady pace, composing himself as he moved towards the Head’s office to report in for his first assignment out of the Academy. Trying hard to not let his nervousness show through his facade of composure he keyed the door’s ring stud and patiently waited for the door to open or clearance to enter.

As the usual chime ringed, Aaron raised his head. The Lieutenant was in his chair, reading reports about the cadets that were about to be transferred aboard the Challenger. It seems they already arrived, he thought, closing the window displayed on his monitor. Stretching his uniform to get rid of the creases, he stands up, looking at the doors : “Come in !”

The doors open, revealing the CSO office to the new cadet. It was a comfy one, with a simple desk, a shelf displaying a small model of a Federation starship, and a few books made of real paper. On the wall were hanging three frames protecting pieces of paper carefully aligned : a Starfleet Academy certificate, a Doctorate in Xenobiology Anatomy, and the Hippocratic oath.

Standing next to the desk, Aaron nodded at the newcomer : “Welcome aboard the Challenger, Mr. Krieger.” The Lieutenant already knew the cadet’s identity, as he saw a picture of him in the reports. Showing a chair in front of the desk, he says: “Please, have a sit. Would you like a drink ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

After a quick appraisal of the office Laren stepped through the threshold and approached the desk and took the seat offered. “ Yes please …uhm Kanar if you have it or maybe some green tea with a jacarine peel if you’d like to stand on decorum?” Laren said crossing his legs, trying to gauge his new department head. ( I really do hope he isn’t as stiff as the bores at the academy ) - he thought. Observing the room he noted the neatly displayed certificates ; one in Xenobiology Anatomy. Something he was very intrigued by in the field of study.

Aaron nodded : “Of course. Just a second.” He approached the replicator and said : ” Latte and Kanar. Hot.” As he said it, the two beverages appeared in a flash and Aaron took them before coming back to the desk. Handing the Kanar to Laren, he sat in his own chair and pressed his monitor. The screen blinked and the cadet information appeared right in front of him.

Taking his cup, Aaron began : “As you might have guessed, I’m your Director Head, Lieutenant William. Junior Grade, to be exact but no one really cares about that difference, except in official and critical situations.” Taking a sip of his coffee, he took a pause before continuing : “So, how do you find the ship so far ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

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